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2nen Bladez

ndustrial, Goth, Rock, Hip-hop, Funk, Electro and Miami Bass are the musical components behind the persona and demented mind of 2nen Bladez. Growing up in Miami the Cocaine capital of the world, also played a key factor in his dramatic lifestyle and musical sound. Like a bag of tricks for dope fiends, you never know what the next hit will be like. 2nen Bladez is that first high that keeps you seeking out for more. He’s that trip that takes you on a visual journey expanding your mind. His persona is that extacy that makes you love and hate both at the same time. Like the Miami 80’s coke that makes your heart beat 130 bpm. That crack that keeps you coming back. The 808 drum that penetrates your chest making your body move. 2nen Bladez is the fix for your body mind and your soul.
In the 90’s 2nen was well loved and known by club and rave promoters throughout the state of Florida. He was known as the go to kid for the latest underground music and designer drugs. For 2nen Bladez, the nocturnal lifestyle seemed like the only way of life. Being a homeless teenager isn’t easy in The Magic City. Living in the streets and being poor was just temporary. 2nen discovered that drugs and entertainment went hand in hand. His popularity in the club scene made it easy for him to meet and serve all the right people in the know.
After meeting everyone from promoters, king pins, gangsters, artist ,hookers, pimps, DJs, and even junkies, it was time for phase 1 of his career. Quickly getting involved in promoting for some of the most legendary venues in the history of Florida’s Industrial and Electronic music scene. He was quickly bringing hundreds of kids to pioneering clubs like: The Kitchen Club in Miami Beach (Days Inn). Club Velvet South Beach. The Church Sundays, The Edge Ft.Lauredale, The Edge Orlando, Simons Gainsville and Diamante South Beach.
By 1997 2nen was no longer a broke homeless club kid and was now goin by the name of DJ 2nen. It was now time for phase 2. The back bone of the music industry. If there is something 2nen knows very well is music, dance floors and vibes. Being in a city of a powerful growing hip hop movement, DJ 2nen knew it was time to make some history. His connection to the streets kept him in the loop of the movement. He started droping mixtapes with numerous Miami rappers such as Rick Ross, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Piccalo aswell as releasing a break beat cd Tittled ‘’Pa La Calle Breaks’’.
In 2006 2nen teamed up with the Founder of the Native Tongues Movement, Afrika Baby Bambata (Jungle Brothers). The two worked on numerous projects and formed Pagan Society. It was time to give the streets what they been wanting. 2nen Bladez the Artist. The same guy who gave you that first hit of acid or first extacy pill. Your favorite mixtape DJ that knew who was the next to blow. The same guy that smoked a blunt with you. That very same guy that dances with the devil is now ready to strike a new era called Pagan Society.
2nen Bladez has combined all the elements of his musical and street lifestyle into one Gas Chamber. Creating a musical & visual journey for the masses. 2009 gives birth to a Pagan Genius with sharpened bladez ready to decapitate the mainstream egos. You are now about to be possessed! Make no mistakes 2nen Bladez is a brand of confidence with no room for error. Stay Tuned And Keep The Pagan System Boomin!!