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4 Past Midnight

The full story of 4 Past Midnights past is a long and chequered story,one best saved for our autobiography.Seriously though,here is a brief history of the TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS regarding the band. Originally formed in April 1989,4 Past Midnight burst into life and immediately began the long search for recognition. In 1990 the band released their first demo "START OF THE LIBERATION" which consisted of 10 tracks. This was well received and the band got a few shows in their native Scotland on the back of this. Time passed and in 1992 the band recorded "SMASH THE FRONT" which again got good reviews but little in the way of shows. In 1993 the band released "PAIN,GREED AND DEATH" and followed the now familiar pettern of good reviews but nobody wanting the band to play live. Also released to try to help raise the bands profile even more was the "MIDNIGHT ESCAPADES" 15 track cassette. 1994 saw some recognition in that the band was noticed by French Label One By One. They released a single"GET A LIFE" but again very little work came the bands way. 1995 then saw Weird Records in the uk release "THE FEARS WE HIDE" and yet again despite good reviews nobody wanted to offer the band shows.

At this point the band decided to call it a day and split up. 1998 came along and renewed interest in the band prompted them to have a last shot at doing something in the punk scene.The band changed their name to Trickshot to try a different approach but this proved unpopular and they reverted back to 4 Past Midnight. The band recorded "THE RUFF DEMO" and also released "THE BEST AND THE WORST OF 4PM" More shows than ever came the bands way and it was decided to keep going. 1999 saw the release on Smokin Troll records Uk of the bands debut cd "JESUS CHRIST ITS 4PM AGAIN". Although the cd got good reviews,yes youve guessed it,shows were hard to come by.

After a couple of years of not really knowing what to do or where to go,2002 saw the band hook up with Stu at S.T.P in the Uk for a final assault on the scene. Early 2003 saw 2 self financed releases,"MENTAL WARD EP" and "PUNKOLOGY CD-R". Good reviews and lots of shows followed seeing the band undertake their debut UK tour as well as playing alongside the likes of: Vice Squad,Anti Nowhere League etc.

To add to the bio , in october 2006 we played the ill fated sos records brittish invasion fest , the one that turned into a riot lol , we also done a short tour while we were there with red alert , in july 2009 we embarked on an east coast tour of the u.s with florida band the angst , Sos recs were supposed to release the guity as charged album as part of the tour , but they went bust ... now we are back and stronger than ever and ready to pick up where we left off! Working Class Records will be re-issuing all our albums and we are ready to take on the world once more.