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A-J Charron

A-J met himself in Belgium. At the time, his parents were living in France, being Canadian and all… Strange animal, you say? Maybe…

Being dragged from country to country eventually led him to the middle of nowhere. Here he was raised in the countryside, amidst various other fauna.
It was during this time that he discovered music and forgot to question whether he had any affinities toward it… or if it had any affinities toward him. Following his new love with great enthusiasm, he worked on various projects generally ending because one member or another or all had to get a“real job”. Or because the drummer’s wife wanted the drummer home to pound the pots and pans instead of the drum set. Talk about environmental challenge.

​He migrated to a more suitable ecosystem and brought his act to the big city in 2000. The big city is still trying to recover. In order to connect with his kind in this new home, he did some odd jobs amongst which he became a critic, columnist and music gear tester for many years.

After turning down musical prostitution, he pursued more ambitious goals and engaged in creating music that the big city pimps would not understand. This way he could continue his work without the bothersome jungle sounds.

He is low-maintenance, domesticated and generally harmless, but try not to stare directly into his eyes. And don’t feed himfor fear that he may nest in your back yard.