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6th volume titled 'Upside Down' accompanied by the album 'Jealous, Heartless, Soulless' by A Submitter For the eleven albums plus 5 playlists available to download 8th volume titled 'Accident Or Miracle' accompanied by...A Submitter 7th volume titled 'Ruins' accompanied by the album, 'Enlightenment' by A Submitter 2nd volume titled 'Growing In Logic' accompanied by the 2nd album 'Retro' by A Submitter 1st volume titled '3' by A Submitter, with the all three playlist 4th volume titled 'Polars And Corners' accompanied by the playlist 'polars' by A Submitter 5th volume titled 'Revolution Or Retribution' accompanied by the playlist 'snap collection 98-11' by A Submitter 3rd volume titled 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold To People' accompanied by the 'precious water' playlist by A Submitter

A Submitter

A Submitter began with the progression of touch screen music, with sequencer apps such as Beatmaker with the iphone 3g, which was only a hobby, his main concern was to get written his volumes of literature about the hexagram, tetrehedron and cube, looking at threes, and how they change and become part of the manifestation of mind,body and soul, which one may also see in terms of matter as liquid, solid, gas, and on earth the water of life, the food of death, and the air of eternal. The music continued in electronic, children style music catergory, however as he was writing a number of poems, it just so happened he bought a guitar for his nephew, and started performing some of the poetically written verses which he recorded, most of them were his first attempts, and instead of performing them again and again, he decided to move on, and to keep on making new tracks, his music is available on, and his literature is found over a space of nine websites, starting with, and

Officially he has only released one single 'Comma Chameleon' which should have included new material, new words, but was placed with an previous track, called, 'Earth, Star, Moon, Sun'.


A Submitter

Goodwill to all humans
Happiness to all God's children
Peace to all my brothers and sisters