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United States - Minnesota

Aby Wolf

City Pages' Artists of The Year 2009, Minneapolis/ St.Paul

"I'm a sucker for any young woman slinging a guitar over her shoulder and stepping out into the windy world looking to say something new, looking to stir something up, looking to place that haunting, smoky glow on the hard edges of things. With eyes as clear as her voice is strong, skin as smooth as the sweet delivery of those achingly soulful notes, she is a reminder of the loveliness still pulsating in the midst of a worn and ragged world.

Meet Minneapolis artist Aby Wolf. She sings and I slip effortlessly into an otherworld, a place so far removed from the angst of a fretful day that, for a moment, I wholly surrender to the honest purity in things.

She could pass as a twin sis to French actress Marion Cotillard, with those same dark, penetrating eyes that tell you what she's about to sing is simply true.

She hails from the rolling Mississippi bluff country of northwest Illinois and names it, not other songwriters, as her greatest influence. The serene simplicity she knew there is the quiet energy she channels into her most potent songs. She is a painter, and she writes like one. Her imagery appears as clear, broad brushstrokes of oil, until her guitar and those angelic harmonies meld and it's all sent tumbling into a watercolor sea of heart and soul.

Songs are mysterious, ephemeral things that ought not be written about in too much detail. Instead, go to Aby's MySpace page and take in the video of her singing "Keara" at the Cedar. The next day, round about the same time, that song will find its way back into your head, and you'll soon wish everyone you met spoke with the same clarity and depth you witnessed in those eyes."

By TD Mischke, City Pages