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Ace J

Ace J - born in Santa Barbra ,CA . Several years later his Mom loaded up the truck with him ,his brother & some clothes & headed to Denver CO . she sold & gave away what she couldn't bring ,sofas, his bike, bulky toys ect. He slipped on his head phones & watched his friends play in the street as they were driving out of his neighborhood,confused to why they had to leave .As his dad pulled up to the neighborhood later that day, he seen another boy ridding his sons bike & soon after that he found out his family was gone . When Ace J was 9 his mom told him she is sending him to live with his dad cause of all the trouble he was getting in, she thought the reason he was getting into so much trouble was cause he didn't have his father. But that was only the half of it. As he boarded the plane to leave his mom gave him $10 to get something to eat and a note book to draw. But once seated on the plane he didn't feel like drawing ,he felt liked expressing his self .he felt like Writing .So he put on his head phones , pressed play & began his journey .....