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Acid Folk Five

Acid Folk Five was established in 2007 by Ivo Paunov(winds) and Ekaterina Anguelova(vocal) and had its debut performance in 2008 in Boris Hristov Music Center, under the name Acid Folk Collective. Since then they have performed and recorded in Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv Stara Zagora and Rotterdam. The Five performed in the Bulgarian National Radio-Studio 1 and their concert was aired live in hundreds of countries and featured in Bulgarian National Television - Jazz Line.

AFF describe their style as acid folk fusion, referring to the fusion of folk, pop, funk and of course 2% acid jazz. Nevertheless, the band's style, can simply be described as contemporary Bulgarian music. Rooted firmly in the folk tradition of the Balkans, their style veers off the wedding band/jazz folk styles associated with the region, arriving to a new fertile ground for the potent seed of Balkan folklore.

Inspired by the rich musical family heritage of Anguelova and her zest for braking out of the folk mould, Paunov's initial sample based experiments were the basis of what would become the sound of the Five. Another important aspect of the AFF style is the contribution of bassist/songwriter/vocalist Vihren Paunov, IVO's brother and life long creative partner. His disarming, powerful songwriting and his impeccable sense for band arranging are an important asset in the AFF repertoire. Classically trained, jazz piano player Georgi Petrov, also a founding member, was crucial in shaping the bands style as well. Literally materializing the music of Paunov's original lead sheets, Petrov was instrumental in editing, enriching and finally shaping the current sound of the "Five". The contribution of the latest member, drummer Philip Ernsting, can only be described as the secret ingredient, a true catalyst for the creative reaction to take place. His background in experimental, drum and bass, club music was the final and most important element in the formation of the AFF style of music.

The Five's roster of guest musicians includes also Atanas Popov-drums, Neda Tsvetkova - keys,tampura, Dimitar Lyolev-sax and Venzislav Blagoev-trumpet.

The highly experimental nature of Paunov, and his years of creating in a multicultural artistic environment, has led him to effortlessly collaborate with musicians from contrasting backgrounds. This ease of fusion is quite evident in AFF's natural and homogeneous sound-a true matter of acid folk.