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United States - Arizona

Adeezy Da Don

I was born at the St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, Arizona on February 20. At the age of 2 months is when it all began….. My father was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After a few years passed I would know my mom as both mother and father, hoping that one day I would get to meet the man who only called once every blue moon to see how I was. I spent my toddler years with my grandma and grandpa in South Phoenix and the ended up moving to Oregon for about 2 years. During this time my relationship with my grandfather grew stronger and became what I call my father figure. One nigt at about 3 in the morning, my mom woke my brother and sisters and I and told us “we are leaving get in the car”. Seven words that stuck with me throughout my life because not even a week later my grandfather passed of diabetes. I was badly hurt and from then on I couldn’t trust anyone didn’t want to listen to anyone and did not want to see new faces. My family moved allot around my middle school years since the passing and my mom and I did not get along in at all and argued every day until I turned 15. Due to my disrespect I was forced to do some juvenile jail time and was put on probation for 3 years. But at the same time I was introduced to music and how it made me feel. It became my passion and I knew I wanted to use it to let the world hear my story . At this time I was kicked out of the house and forced to live on the Arizona streetz to sleep in parks and unknown buildings for weeks. All I wanted was family and when I was approached by the gang life I went with it like your typical statistic thinking that it would all be love because I was treated “like family” However that was not the case. I was picked up off of the streets by the police and taken to a juvenile detention center once again. I spent up to 4 months in a cell and 3 weeks in a group home because my “mother” signed her rights to the state. A good friend of mine, Kevin, told me that his parents would accept me into their home and treat me how family should be treated and after the 1st month I found that to be true. I missed my junior year of high school because all of that so it was at this time I went back to finish. It took a couple extra years but I was able to receive my high school diploma. I continued to hang out with my friends and make music. I loved my new life! This was when my friend Kevin began to change. Because his choice of drugs, our friendship immediately ended and it was war between the two of us, and when I say war I mean bullets flying and bodies dropping. As the years passed I was charged with some minor offenses but it was enough to teach me that the life I was living was not the right path to take. I learned that my lifestyle had the possibilities of ending one of two ways, me in a casket or me in prison for the rest of my life. Fortunately I chose the life and blessings that God put before me and took advantage of it. I conceived two magnificent children one boy and one baby girl and also inherited two more beautiful girls….Still to this day my mom and I do not speak but I still love her. After all the bad in my life and lessons learned, I look back at the things that have happened to me and I look at my kids and realize that it was all worth it. I still continue to do music and take care of my family. My music is hot and my flow can’t be stopped. I am “THE ARIZONA THREAT”……. ADEEZY DA DON AKA ADEEZYLOC/STICC-UP-KID.