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Adrian Ramirez

Adrián Ramírez was born on August 21st, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has studied guitar since 1986 with masters Roberto Lara, Liliana Ardissone, Miguel Angel Girolet, Graciela Pomponio de Martínez Zárate, Víctor Villadangos, Máximo Pujol , Dolores Costoyas and Eduardo Egüez.
He also took master classes with Alvaro Pierri (Montevideo), Eduardo Isaac; and with Hopkinson Smith (Switzerland) in ancient music.

As regards popular music he has had masters such as Chany Inchausti, Juan Falú, Carlos Moscardini and Quique Sinesi, as well as numerous anonymous and eventual teachers he came across in his trips around the provinces of his country.

Since 1991 he has given concerts in chamber groups and since 1994 as soloist player. Since 1999 he has been part of Tangonave Trío, dedicated to tango music. He recorded his first CD (“Tangonave”) with them and went on tour around Europe in 2000 and 2001.

As a soloist he has performed in different festivals from his country playing a classic repertoire as well as a popular one: “Festival Guitarras del Mundo” (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2011), with the artistic direction of Juan Falú. In 2003 he won the third prize in the “First Contest of Argentine Guitar”, opened to composers, arrangement creators and interpreters where more than 200 guitarists participated.

In 2005 the music company PAI and Guitarmasters edit Ardrián Ramirez’s first work as a soloist: “Un relato a cuerda”, where he goes through a repertoire of folk argentine music written for guitar, interpreting pieces from Carlos Moscardini, Quique Sinesi, Siro and Abel Fleury, among others.

Since 2007 Adrian makes every year a concerts tourneé in cities of Germany and Spain.

Adrián resides in Buenos Aires, where he carries out playing and also teaching.


“Adrián Ramírez is a true exponent of the talented new generation of argentine guitarists. He loves the guitar and it is translated in his passionate way to play it. He has an infrequent virtue in this world: he plays the guitar not only in the stage but also out of it, in those gatherings which feed the artist with essential and complementary experiences to his academic education. He chooses a repertoire that represents his lands and plays it wonderfully”.
Juan Falú

“While Adrián Ramírez was studying in The National Conservatory (Buenos Aires), he was one of my most outstanding students. He stood out for his seriousness and dedication to studies, his natural skills and the beauty of his sound. Today he is already a prestigious professional in his country and abroad as well.
He can play with identical excellence Argentine and Latin-American music as well as the all-time
universal repertoire because it is clear that above all he loves music and guitar to which he devotes
his life.”
Graciela Pomponio

“Adrián Ramírez combines in his guitarist virtues a great artistic sensitivity, which comprehends and establishes bonds between the popular and the academic style with deep knowledge of both languages. This can be accomplished thanks to his excellent musical education and high technical level, but also because of his commitment and passion in growing Argentine music he became one of the finest interpreters of our music for guitar”.
Carlos Moscardini

“Adrián Ramírez is an excellent guitarist who I’ve known for many years. Through all these years I‘ve been able to observe his constant progress as regards technique and expressiveness which has lead him to become one of the young Argentine guitarists with most possibilities as an interpreter. His professional growth can be appreciated in the CD “Un relato a cuerda”, his first recorded work as a soloist, in which he shows his brilliant interpretative quality”.
Víctor Villadangos

“Adrián Ramírez’s great education in guitar –he studied with the best teachers in the country and from overseas- gives him an enviable artistic strength. The guitar has no secrets for him, and if it had any, his committed attitude and dedication towards the instrument assure that he will always go over them.
He can face different musical genres without losing his essence and features, he is always in the
style. That is how he faces the literature of classical pieces, of chamber music, of popular music and
he does it as a soloist and sometimes when he accompanies.
He has been able to prove what I say through his recordings and presentations in concerts and
festivals, sometimes sharing the same stage. In all those times his conditions and talent have been
highly recognized by the audience.
His youth guarantees that he will continue adding, to what he has already accomplished, even more
artistic successes in benefit of those who will be able to enjoy it.”
Miguel Angel Inchausti