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Afro Dizzi Act

A potent melting pot of cultural and musical ideology, Afro Dizzi Act sends a worldwide message that cultural differences need not be a source of conflict but of celebration.

For just over decade, Afro Dizzi Act has been performing in Australia and throughout East Asia, collaborating with musicians of the globe and performing a style of music the industry has described as fusion, or, as preferred by the band, roots infused World Beat. The unification of the bands sound lies in their ability to perform with the depth, feel and telepathy nurtured from 10 years of playing together, their collective compositional skills and the exceptional craftsmanship of the bands vocalist, Senegalese born Jali Buba Kuyateh. Sonic stylist and saxophonist Nick Aggs, 
guitarist/lyricist Sol Carroll, Bassman OJ Newcomb and drummer Mark Landsbury Henman are not only the backbone of Afro, they stand out individually as being exceptionally gifted musicians with a plethora of recordings and tours under their belts. 

Over ten years the sound of Afro Dizzi Act has evolved from its humble beginnings as a five piece party band to an internationally traveled unit with a catalogue of recordings and a solidified and focused sonic direction. 
As word spread in the late nineties of Afro’s outrageous musicianship and fun filled jams, invitations came thick and fast to play throughout Queensland. A dedication to funk and odd time rhythmic explorations was 
documented in 1999 with a now collectable limited run of CD’s recorded at the Woodford Folk Festival.
It was the release of their Hip Hop and Drum and Bass tinged debut studio album Audio Cookie through Hydrofunk records in 2002 that catapulted the band onto the Australian festival and touring circuit. Performances as a headliner at the following three Woodford Folk Festivals, the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, The Big Day Out and Livid ensured Afro’s reputation as being a premier festival band. 

Whilst they continued to grow in Australia, their dedication to continued learning as 
musicians through jazz and world sensibilities brought them opportunities to 
attend the Kathmandu Jazz Festival for two years running and a world music festival in Dubai where they performed alongside Trilok Gurtu. An invitation by the Indian Government to perform at Indian Independence Day was accepted creating an opportunity become the first Western band to tour North East India. These years of honing their live sound through national and international touring were released on ‘Go with the ‘Fro 2000-2003’, and represent the bands sonic palate and global influences. 

In 2005, Brisbane’s cult record store Butter Beats approached Afro Dizzi Act to record two instrumental tracks that would be released on a limited edition funk 45. The two tracks recorded for the release received extensive radio play throughout Australia and are available from dealers globally. 

Being the first Western band to tour North East India and two tours of Nepal had far reaching effects on the band as a creative unit. The release of their second studio album ‘Walkin’ in 2007 as a sonic documentation of these tours has left a lasting impression on the Australian music Industry. The single track ‘Walkin” as sung by Jali Buba Kuyateh is about the spiritual 
significance of walking, and OJ’s instrumental ‘Drop Off’ has been licensed by Ubiquity Records for the soundtrack Under the Sun. 

A distribution deal with Vitamin Records in 2008 of the entire catalogue has given Afro the opportunity to solidify their work until now and concentrate on work shopping new material for their next release. Now with Jali Buba Kuyateh being granted Australian citizenship and the recent input of Tabla 
sensation Dheeraj Shrestha, Afro Dizzi Act has become a genuine melting 
pot for musical ideas of a global perspective, a message to the world that cultural differences need not be a source of conflict but a source of peace and unity.


As one of Brisbane/ Nth NSW’s most active and wildly talented funk collectives, Afro Dizzi Act have been forging a path through Afrobeat, dub, and heavy funk for more than a decade, bringing a ton of good vibes to the masses over the years. Since hooking up with Senegalese Kora master and vocalist Jali Buba Kuyateh four years ago, they have headed deeper into the heart of Africa, and this is reflected on their latest release, ‘Peace Love & Unity’. A brilliant live band, Afro have captured their vibe perfectly here - anyone who caught them at Island Vibe can attest to their power. This is true Afrobeat, strongly influenced by masters such as Fela Kuti - layers of simple rhythm cascade and mesh together to form a hypnotic and, overall, complex beast of a sound that can’t fail to get feet tapping and heads nodding. Throughout tracks like ‘Toubabau’ and ‘The Pilgrem Returns’, there is a sunny, heady vibe that just screams authentic, good timesummer music. The rhythm section (OJ Newcombe and Mark Henman) is bedrock, keeping the whole band nailed down with finesse and feeling throughout, while Sol Carrol and Zig Zaggs provide the melody and flourish. Marcello jumps up for a suitably infectious wail on ‘Do You Love’, and the overall impression is that this is a band completely hitting their straps in terms of confidence, knowledge and musicality.

There is a bonus disc available with a pile of dope remixes from the album. Afro Dizzi Act are an essential part of the musical landscape up here - this release says they’ll be around for a long time. - SCENE MAGAZINE 25.11.09


"THERE'S always something fresh at Woodford, a place to discover new musicians, artists, street performers, dancers and speakers. Headlining this year's Woodford Folk Festival are the John Butler Trio, Afro Dizzi Act , Dallas Frasca, James Morrison and Lisa Mitchell, but as usual most acts are first-timers." - Renae Soppe (The Australian)

Island Vibe Gig Review. 4th Nov. 2009
"It was Afro Dizzi Act who took the cake for best vibe - the lads were shining bright that night, revelling in the atmosphere, jamming things out beautifully with Jali Buba out front. This is the perfect setting for their improvised, good-time funk, and a fine way to wrap up my first Island Vibe." - Scene Magazine.
"DURING every Woodford Folk Festival, the word goes out about one or two truly outstanding acts in attendance. This year, popular band Afro Dizzi Act has been the one wowing the crowds in their thousands." - Alan Lander (Sunshine Coast Daily)

- Time Off Editorial

Renowned as a premier festival band for the past decade, Afro Dizzi Act demonstrate outrageous musicianship and maturity on their third studio album.

Recorded Live in a studio in Northern NSW each track blends West African melodies & rhythms, rich world textures & dynamic roots, funk & reggae Afro Dizzi Act are known for.

Over the past 12 years Afro Dizzi Act have performed at international festivals & concerts in Nepal (JAzzMandu), India (North East Peace Tour & Independence Day), Dubai (JazzMajalis), as well as major Australian festivals like the Woodford Folk Festival, East Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Parklife, Adelaide Festival, AWM Expo, WOMAD '05 (Jali Buba Kuyateh), Big Day Out & Livid.
Throughout this time the boys from Brisbane had a dream & goal to study, collaborate & perform with as many different cultures as possible to help enrich their own sound as well as creating a unique global melting pot of influences that could inspire them with their own sonic creations. This dream & passion has led them to perform with legendary artists such as Trilok Gurtu (India), Wala (Ghana, West Africa), Ralph Thomas (France), Cadenza (Nepal), Chris Berry, Panjea (USA, Africa) & Don Burrows (Australia).

It's their latest collaboration with now a permanent member of the group Master Kora (African Harp), Singer & Story teller Jali Buba Kuyateh from Senegal, West Africa, that has solidified Afro Dizzi Act's sound fueling fire to their goals to perform along side respected & loved International artist such as Yossou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, Toumani Diabaté, Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, Saleif Keita & Alpha Blondy.
“It’s really a musical fusion of African roots (Rock M'balax), Afro funk, Roots Reggae and electronic sounds. We can’t wait to take it direct to audiences on the International festival circuit.” Oj Newcomb
“Having travelled to several international jazz festivals in Dubai, India and Kathmandu, the group are currently preparing for their next jaunt back overseas to India, Nepal & Africa. It's no wonder Afro Dizzi Act have been successful in the exportation of their sophisticated jazz grooves - they're easily the most skilled and versatile of their local contemporaries and rarely fall short of expectations.” - Lawrence English, Timeoff Magazine

"The extraordinary fusion of jazz, funk, rock, hip hop and electronic
sounds of Brisbane's super group Afro Dizzi Act had the whole crowd up
on their feet and swarming to the stage area. Hundreds started swaying
and jumping to their funky grooves and catchy lyrics." Nepali Times

Despite their laid-back vibe, the group is comprised of serious
musical technicians. Timeoff Magazine says the boys are “easily the most skilled and versatile of their local contemporaries,” while The Courier Mail says “Afro Dizzi Act are seriously good, crossing many musical borders to create something evocative and fresh.”

"Afro dizzi Act have a lot to answer for. They're partly responsible for giving
Brisvegas its reputation a city that knows how to fuse its funk, jazz,
rock & hip hop." Joel Dullroy (Courier Mail)

" One of the best African/Australian fusion bands I have ever seen
come out of Australia." Ben Walsh (The Bird, Circle of Rhythm).

Afro's rhythmic jams have become the stuff of inner city legend. They manage
to combine a natural approach to their music with a deadly precision when it
comes to both arrangement and instrumentation." Gavin Sawford (Editor. Rave &
Street Press)

-"Afro dizzi Act have a lot to answer for. They're partly responsible for giving
Brisvegas its reputation a city that knows how to fuse its funk, jazz, rock & hip
hop." Joel Dullroy (Courier Mail)