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AGWABOM - (Another Guy With A Bunch Of Machines) is an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and general knob twister since the last millennia to the present. Agwabom has a knack for being a bit sarcastic, silly, esoteric and serious all at the same time. Agwabom has produced tracks for Radio, Film and the Web. Always working in the background AGWABOM is now ready to release his own private stash of tunes carefully selected from the cellar of his creativity. " My folks bought a piano when I was 10 and I immediately sat down and started making up a song just doodling and noodling around on it. Exactly the same way I write a song today except the piano is now a DAW full of limitless doodling and endless noodling". If you are looking for something different you've found it - AGWABOM