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Alex Otterlei

Alex Otterlei is an award winning composer whose main focus these days has returned to the essence of his passion: writing evocative music about the subjects that most inspire him, with the symphonic orchestra as main tool of expression.
Or in his own words:

“Besides the musical ideas that occur while reading books or poems, watching movies or interacting with people that inspire me, my imagination is most strongly stirred while gazing at an endless sky. Not in the clouds themselves, but somewhere...behind lies the music I seek.”

Alex Otterlei has created music and sound effects for computergames, roleplaying games, short films and many other projects. His music appears on various albums and has started to find its way into the theatrical and orchestral world as well.

In the ninetees Alex pioneered the art of writing soundtracks for roleplaying games, resulting in popular rpg-soundtracks such as “Battlethemes”, “Arthur” and “Where Evil Lurks”.
His Cthulhu-inspired orchestral soundtrack “Horror on the Orient Express” achieved international acclaim.