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Alexander Obitz

My name is Alexander Obitz. I am 19 years old and I live in Denmark. I'd like to find myself through my music and thus express my very deepest feelings without losing myself. I love singing and for now it seems that my genre is singasongwriter, but still I do not want to bind myself to one genre; I like rock, soul, pop and various other genres, so I haven't found my own genre yet.
What I try to do with my music is to express the innermost and hardest feelings, and to tell the world to do better and share the issues we find in our everyday life. In conclusion, I want to share a lot of different things and subjects through my music, which I would like to share with the world in order to make myself clear and make people understand my thoughts and philosophy as well as find myself in this process. I will never stop singing and right now I just want my music on iTunes and Spotify so people can hear it and get to know me. I just uploaded my first single "The Fear" and soon my next single "Bow-wauw" will appear.