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Alexander Stordiau

Alexander Stordiau is born in Mortsel (Belgium) on the 26th of february 1963.

Alexander Stordiau is a solo project from Gent (Belgium). His music is associated with experimental electro ambient trance fusion, inspired by
Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Air, Ennio Morricone....

He has two older brothers who had an excellent record collection. They had selected records based on the music their uncles listened to.
When he was lying in bed, he could listen to all sorts of music (from ELO, to Tangerine Dream, Deep Purple, The Dooby Brothers, The Moody Blues, Harry Sacksioni, Queen, ...). Alexander absorbed the music while sleeping.

His music is athmospherical, sometimes dark but always with sunny parts. There where he comes close to classic composers (his favorite is : Dmitri Shostakovich), he is on the other hand able to create industrial compositions.

His music lends itselves very well to film. He is a "Sound Designer". Recently he was asked to compose the music for a videoclip.
To have an idea look at :

He has done a lot of live performances in the past. He was in previous musical life, as violinist, member of several groups. In 1990 he had one of the most beautiful experiences in Russia (Yaroslavl) where he was invited with his group to take part at an international musicfestival.

He has worked with several good musicians. One of them left Belgium to move to New York, another one was offered to be member of one of the best bands in Belgium, "Hooverphonic". He decided to study the piano and started composing instrumental work.

During the days work he's pianist at homes of rest for demented people. He is astonished that one of the fewest things they remember are songs and he enjoys seeing them singing clamorous.

In november 2012 his first album (The Moon has fallen in my lap) came out on his own label.