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Alex's Hand

Alex's Hand was forged in the catacombs of an idea, a simple amalgam: The attempt of a pursuit that cannot escape it's own velocity.

We are a fraction of perception.

The breath of a lifeless entity.

A simulacrum of unreal empiricism - stimulating simulations of situations previously devoid of art.

But art is sick.

Music is dead and all that remains is the past.

Exposure to Information has eliminated concentration of the senses, limited people's knowledge of their own reality and experience and sinfully extracted our distractions from deep within our subconscious, offering them up to us in a basket of safety, depriving the people of creativity.

…by extracting musical ideas from a subterranean gulf, Alex's Hand seems to have diagnosed the illness of Man and prescribed a psychotic stimulant of experimentalism, bringing us all to the edge of order as we witness the three members of the band plunge into the depths of chaos. Concealing their naked bodies behind nothing but their instruments, their adventures are displayed to us only through what we can make of the tortured screams that escape from the black sea of art that is our innermost desire.

Employing both voodoo techniques and libertine execution as they bend genres ranging from speed jazz, art punk, doom grunge to orchestral composition and songs about stop signs, Alex's Hand defies your expectations as often as humanly conceivable. They are alien invaders, vengeful revolutionaries, deconstructionists, psychedelic observers. Do not be surprised by the bombast, the testosterone, or the ridicule, for underneath there lies layers of hieroglyphic musical brilliance and virtuosity that has previously remained untouched - as if Mozart were leading an orgy with Henry Cow, Primus, Zappa, Pink Floyd, Edgar Varese, and the Melvins.

Garnering experience and musical genius from a rotating cast of superhuman-alien amalgamates, Alex's Hand proves to disable form in their search for unique style and cerebral class. Music is a necessity, a happenstance of human thought. To this group of innovators, music becomes a force of perception, limited only by their own biological limitations and the willingness of the audience to participate in their fantasy of artistic vomit.

In constant state of composition, recording and performing, AH has spread it's strange seed across the land and will continue to alter the state of music and society until they are brutaly murdered by the Turtle's lead singer Howard Kaylan in freak drive by helicopter shooting in the year 2023.