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Alix LaPri

(The Alix LaPri Story)

After receiving many broken and empty promises in her home town of Topeka, KS, all hope and dreams seemed to diminish as Alix LaPri’s recording career began to resemble a dream deferred. What she didn’t realize is that she had a wild card - an ace in waiting. Her dad decided to call a relative in Atlanta who had just the remedy; Award-winning producer/songwriter/musician, Derwin “Gold Man” Jackson of Penlight Productions, Inc.

Alix made a life-changing trip to Atlanta in the Summer of 2008. While there, her first meaningful studio recording session was held. A strong bond was established between Alix and Jackson that has grown immensely. Jackson began to refer to Alix as “The Li’l Lady With The BIG Voice!” “It was like a dream,” recounts Alix upon returning from Atlanta. But the dream would be deferred as her parents wrestled with the thought of uprooting the family and moving South to Atlanta. Alix’s parents were assured that Alix had a great gift, but it was very unlikely that she would be noticed in the small town in which she resided.

Following heavy deliberation and against all odds, Alix’s parents agreed it was best to move to Atlanta in order to save fleeting aspirations, but the move seemed too risky considering the then present economy. Only weeks later, a Divine moment occurred when Alix’s mother received word that her company was opening an Atlanta office. Excited about the news, this was a “no brainer” for Alix’s parents. Her mother was offered the transfer, but only given 30 days to relocate. Not knowing how the move would be accomplished, her parents took a giant leap of faith. Her Dad dropped out of college, resigned from his job and the family was in route to Atlanta.

Eight hundred miles and two days later, adversity struck. The house they moved into had no electricity or running water for the first four days and everything that could go wrong did. The family considered moving back to Kansas but their desire to keep Alix’s vision in sight outweighed their premonition. On the 10th day of enduring poor living conditions, the family took every penny they had left and moved into another house 45 miles away. The rest is history being written!
In early 2010, Alix LaPri signed with Penlight Productions, Inc. and management agency ITG Enterprises and is slotted to release her debut video and CD single in Spring 2010 titled “VIP”, produced by Gold Man and written by Gold Man and LaVantae Jackson of P. Diddy’s Making The Band 3!


CONTACT ITG Enterprises: (678)596-4845