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United States - Washington DC

All Souls Church, Unitarian

All Souls Choir

WELCOME TO THE MUSIC OF ALL SOULS! All Souls Church, Unitarian, has been a beacon for progressive religion in Washington, DC for over 180 years. Our mission is to create a multi-cultural, spirit-filled and justice-seeking community that bears witness to a love that beckons all souls-not some-to the Welcome Table. Joyful music is central to this mission, and to our life together at All Souls. The rhythms and melodies contained on this CD come from the many cultures that make up our diverse congregation.

THE ALL SOULS CHOIR was founded as one of the first multiracial choirs in Washington, DC. Today the choir celebrates a half century of musical excellence, singing a repertoire as diverse as the membership of All Souls Church. The artistic versatility of the singers allows the ensemble to perform everything from ancient church chant to Fauré to spirituals to South African songs, jazz and gospel.

THE RIEGER ORGAN at All Souls has been widely acclaimed for its innovative combination of classic mechanical-action German design and electronic computerized stop action - the first of its kind ever built. Four keyboards and pedalboard command 60 registers, 96 ranks and 5137 pipes (Rieger Orgelbau, Schwarzach, Voralberg, Austria, 1969). Its sound quality is both unique and beautiful, as is its towering presence above the rear choir loft of the historic All Souls sanctuary, with the graceful and intimate positif division suspended behind the console. Of particular interest are the 16'/4' Spanish Trumpets - unlike any chamades found on American pipe organs.

Robert Hardies, Senior Minister
John Strang, Music Director and Organist
Parker Kitterman, Music Associate and Pianist
Connaitre Miller, Jazz Artist in Residence
Tom Teasley, Percussionist in Residence
Angela Powell, Terry Johns and Steven Combs, Vocal Coaches
Delores King Williams, guest jazz singer (Sound Over All Waters)
Other vocal soloists - Steven Combs, Nicholas Gant and Pablo Benavente
Graphics by Nhu Mai Le
Producer Mark Johnson, Sound Editor Michael Arafeh
Recordist Jerry Nedilsky, JNL Recording