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Allen James Teague

"A combination of master and madman" - Miloslav Langer Radio Free Europe

I have been a musician my entire life. My passion for music began at age 10. I have been a performing artist for 25 years and have enjoyed seeing just about all of the United States and Canada along with a lot of Europe and the UK. The landscapes stay with me in photographs that I captured but my souvenirs are memories of the individuals who I have encountered and had the fortune of enjoying conversations with. They have greatly enriched my life providing inspiration for my stories, musical sketches and compositions.

Music and an English Setter named Razz were my childhood friends. I went through most of my life without actually owning a piano and I learned to compose on piano's I could find, mostly in public places. Half of what I ate as a teenager was earned from tips while composing. I worked in the forest falling timber to earn my music theory lessons. When I was 19 my step-dad very kindly gave me the opportunity to study piano for 3 months under Hilipi Kantola of the Helsinki Conservatory of Music. I received a 600 person standing ovation at recital. The only one of the evening. The rest of my musical education came from spending time with varied musical instruments and a few musician friends.

I enjoy conversations about nearly anything. I value kindness much more than physical beauty. I appreciate personality and thought. I love to travel and am looking forward to seeing more of the world. I would like to be a better photographer. It is almost impossible for me to pass up a piano once I actually see it.
I like to paint mediocre pictures on painting expeditions in the summer to give away to friends to hang in their bathrooms. Some of them actually do. When I'm home with free time, I enjoy photography adventures in the mountains or along the water. I like gardens too.
I like to donate my time to a few (non-religious) community projects each year and I enjoy playing piano for free at nursing homes that I find while out performing or traveling. I never let the staff know my name and it always feels very real. There is usually a moment during the first piano piece when the residents begin to notice and the room slowly fills from different directions. I won't ever know if anything I do in this life truly matters but I try to do what I can to be helpful, if only letting someone know that they are not alone, that they are cared for, that their company matters.
I love to hear ideas, insights and concepts. I love languages that I do not understand, learning new things and learning to better understand different cultures. I love history, ancient mythologies and music.

I do not like to write about my creativity so a friend wrote the next part:

Allen James Teague is a film maker, composer, writer, pianist and actor.

As a musician, Teague began the quest of mastering the musical talent within, at the tender age of two when he was presented with a miniature grand piano as a birthday gift from his beloved mother. With only 2 1/2 octaves at his curiosity, he quickly moved to an organ located in the spare bedroom. Fascinated by the rich and intense quality produced, he made a lifelong commitment to his passion of music, and his innate ability to create it.
Because of this early love of music, Teague has collaborated and performed with piano in much of the United States, Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Canada. To the tune of a few thousand performances.
Other than his love of music, above all else he loves people. Always in the mood for conversation, he creates musical sketches from stories he hears. Later, over coffee by the water, he transitions these stories into composition that take flight in the form of articulate contemporary sounds, tastefully entwined with the haunting quality of epic pieces from days gone by. His concerts are tailor made suits, cut from the cloth of adversity that delivers a passion unmatched by many, touching all who hear him play. He delivers his art form between stories about life with a heartfelt tendency. His audiences laugh a lot and cry a little too, leaving with a good memory and sharing an underlying pulse.

In 2002, Teague took a break from creativity for 6 years, discontinuing 7 solo CD's and 4 audio books.
In 2008, Rachael Lynee Burns (Miss Texas International), contacted Teague, asking for permission to use his composition "Tale of the
Minstrel" for her "So You Think You Can Dance" audition. Within 1 week, choreographers and dancers in 7 states and 3 countries were working with Teague's music. This inspired him to begin again. Realizing what was happening, Teague began merging his stories with his music creating story ballets. Teague's first story ballet for 11 dancers "Temptation" premiered at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, Oregon April, 2011. After deciding to return to creativity, he commercially released 3 solo piano Cd's, "A Poet's Heart", "Falling Leaf and Sparrow" and "Winter Rain" on his Teague Piano Recordings label and is currently working on a new solo piano CD. His music was featured in 6 plays (one premiering in India), 4 Italian TV shows, an A&E Channel documentary about the life and death of Anna Nichole Smith, a public television documentary about the Pen and Ink art of Dennis K. Joern and 14 more of his compositions have been staged in ballet and modern dance performances.
Teague's second book, "Flying Machine" is currently being illustrated in oil paintings.

Current projects:
Director, DP and score composer for post apocalyptic feature film "Jack" written by Claire and Teague.

Director, DP and score composer for feature film Magdalene Blue written by Claire and Teague.

In pre-production for post apocalyptic feature film Clyde written by Jim Duell and Teague.

Writing screenplay for feature film the Muse.

Writing screenplay for feature film 1349.