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Amber Hadigan

One fan and fellow musician described Amber Hadigan's lyrics as being able to find the right line to resonate straight to the heart of matter. Her ability to craft lyrics comes from the fact that she can take her life story and make them speak to the masses.

Her first CD, It's All About The Love, was released in January 2013. The combination of guitar, ukulele, and lap steel create a folk music journey that speaks to life in America today. From a retrospective on 9/11 to an upbeat ditty describing the feeling of falling in love, Amber is able to convey a variety of emotions that anyone can relate to.

A well-known entity on the open mic scene in the Hudson Valley and a member of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild, Amber has played the Hyde Park Free Library as part of a women in songwriting show. A regular at Summersongs, a songwriting camp in the Catskill Mountains, Amber enjoys experimenting with new ways to talk about often difficult subjects and make them accessible through song.

"I enjoy touching on taboo subjects, those issues and feelings that aren't talked about in proper company." Her song Mama portrays a mother who does not love her child and the feelings that accompany this. When she plays this song at open mics, people often come up to her to thank her for discussing a topic few want to bring up. "I think it is important to bring to light the issues we want to pretend don't exist. People feel more powerful and in control of their own lives when their feelings and experiences are validated. This is what I try to do with my music."

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