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Amphibian Children

Stefan Paco Francisco Mendez_ The producer/ remix artist behind Amphibian Children.

Born and raised in rural Eugene Oregon into a family of artists and musicians who were revered in the folk community. Mendez's family were a key component in the creation of the legendary art and psychedelic festival, The Oregon Country Fair... Thereby very likely conceived under the influence of entheogens.

As a solo artist, producer, and programmer, Mendez began creating sounds with nothing more than a 4 track cassette portastudio a Roland S10 sampler, and a microphone.

After years of experiments in multiple electronic genres, noise music, field recordings, folktronica, pseudo-ethnomusicology, psychedelia, minimal house, downtempo, cut and paste Hip-Hop, the NW native producer has built a vast personal library of music and noise experiments. As many electronic producers do, Mendez has gone under many nomenclatures that relate specifically to the project or collaboration. Lo.Freq., Subaudible Love Sounds, Fake French just to name a few.

Amphibian Children has two distinctly different personalities portrayed in two instrumental concept albums.

The first album "Latchkey Playerz (the miseducation of Lo.Freq.)" is a fusion of low fidelity Hip Hop, experimental electronic and psychedelia. Playground Hip Hop would be suiting terminology. L.K.P follows the misadventures of Amphibian Childrens beat-head alter ego Lo.Freq into a spectrum... of woozy and limping analogue basslines, convolving psychedelic loops, 1970's PBS science documentary vignettes and bouncing cut/paste beats that elicit involuntary head nodding. The melodies are warm, nostalgic and uneasily introspective... somehow damaged... like looking at a sunbleached polaroid of a fleeting childhood moment. Each song represents the experiences of a misfit child growing up in a world where the lowest common denominator determines the status quo, captures the memory on tape or some other outdated medium, and plays it back through an auricular kaleidoscope... if Boards of Canada teamed up with Air and remixed some Tribe Called Quest and D'Angelo songs, then gave in to Funkstorung for finishing touches, it would sound something like this...

Amphibian Childrens second album "Second World of Ghosts" completely filters out all the warmth and positivity of "Latchkey Playerz", and focuses on the roots of Mendez's musical influences. The only simularities are the psychedelic disturbances and low end algorithms.
"Second World of Ghosts" draw similar virtues to industrial and found sound experimentalists like Zoviet France, Middle eastern beat icon Muzlimgauze, Skinny Puppy, dark ambient composer Lustmord, SPK and post-psychedelic hip hop producer Odd Nosdam.
Many of the songs feature unconventional time signatures, low fidelity beats, east asian scales and a "freeflow" structure in lieu of the verse/chorus standard.
"S.W.o.G" explores the lines between insanity and the experience of hallucinatory psychotoxins. Playing out like a foggy venture into unfamiliar cultures that may or may not exist.
Imagine being lost in a strange rainforest under the influence of entheogens, or the faint memory of singing Karaoke in a dark, smokey bar with an intoxicated ladyboy somewhere in bankok.
"S.W.o.G" is a schizoid document of psychedelic cognition and the convoluted innerspace of the psyche. Grimy acoustic pluckings, ritualistic drumming, clipped cut and paste beats, geometric algorithms, tapeloop melodies that warble and hiss like misinterpreted data from ancient technologies... You are the psychonaut traversing the spectrum in utero...

Sound sources include old tapes, dictaphones, childrens toys, lo fidelity sound toys, garbage cans, cat toys, leaves and sticks, homemade drums, tree stumps, flea market flutes, found sounds and acoustic field recordings.