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Anaya is a member of the ASCAP(American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers), and The Recording Academy in the United States. Her CDs can be found for sale on Internet sites in Brazil and abroad and are listed on the AMG AllMediaGuide in the United States.

Anaya signed Since a contract with CD Baby, her musical works have spread to more than 60 on-line distribution sites (ipods, mp3s, ringtones, jukeboxes, radios, cable TV satellites,mobile, etc.)

The essential factor in composing is like a “resonance with the emptiness of the universe in musicality.” Other elements are more evaluative, cognitive, and rational. The stage called music therapy is meaningful in that we access new forms of essential musicality within ourselves. Music consciousness is Noetic Consciousness, referred to by Plato as conscious awareness. Noetics refers to the highest level of knowledge in an intelligence system and the origin of eternal truths that transcend the communicative universe of logical thinking. Music consciousness is therefore the expression of this absolute consciousness. Anaya says:

“Music for me is the sound of light. Experiencing music is experiencing the holomonic uniqueness of being, the fourth holomonic dimension, where creation and creator re-connect. In this manner other dimensions of creativity and living the now come together harmoniously. Music gives us the support to integrate and transcend. The creator being has been present throughout time and music brings us sweetly to the present moment so that we can experience the essence. Music put to words is beautiful, just as is poetry put to music. It is culturally motivated. So-called essential music is pure sound – it is creation and illumination. The magic of sound appears amidst silence, in the emptiness of profound feelings of love and communion with holos, which the sound universe called sonosphere. It is a universe in which the soul takes shape. Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being. The musical instruments we play are simply interfaces of compilations between us and the concrete world, in that the sound of the spheres is inaudible without interface. Essential music is simply being.”

The Fundamental Principles of Anaya’s Art:

The Senses, Sensuality, Beauty, Lyrical Romanticism

Through art Anaya re-connects love and poetry, the essence of life and light, and the ecstasy of sound as music of the new age. The desire for essential nature causes people to transcend their own nature and find their essential being in order to live life in the universe of the soul.

Anaya labored for many years in the computer science field. She has a Master’s and PhD in Information Systems, completed a post-doctorate degree in Leadership, and taught as a visiting professor at the Syracuse University in the United States. She has had over 10 books and 70 papers published in Brazil and abroad. Having continuously traveled giving lectures, holding conferences, and teaching specialization courses in Brazil and abroad through national and international organizations, Anaya has held many positions in business and entrepreneurial leadership, as well as in academic research.

Anaya also dedicated herself to the field of alternative therapy related to integrating the physical body to the spiritual body. She concluded these activities by publishing two books: one about the method of “Reiki; Spiritual Energy of the Universe” and another book about knowledge entitled “Paths of Life.”

Anaya is a poet and has published the books: “Affection,” “My Shadow and I,” “Mayda,” and “Winged Being.”