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Andre Gamez


I was born on January 16, 1988, on Guatemala City. At the age of 10, I started playing guitar and taking a conscience in music. During my teens, I played in several rock bands and began composing music. At age 17, I begin recording, mixing and producing my own music and by the age of 20, I have already recorded around 50 songs and learned how to sing and play the Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Bass, and drums.

At age 21, Uty Roldan and I create Republi-k, a psychedelic rock n roll band, in Guatemala City. With Republi-k, I play over 400 concerts and appear on television, magazines, press and radio. Republi-k has played shows all over the country, including several appearances in Mexico City and currently Los Angeles, CA. Republi-k has released 2 EP's, "La Casa del Sol" & "Pulsar Vela", and our first studio LP, "Republi-k", mid 2012, produced and mixed by me.

On January 16, 2012, Untitled Orange Book EP is released. This is the first album that I release as a solo-artist and everything on the album is made and produced by myself. On May 2012, I graduate as "Magna Cum Laude" & Valedictorian student from "The Los Angeles Recording School" and continue to work for my label, "Intergalactic Soundsystem".

Later on 2012, I release my second album as a solo-artist, “White Magika”. The album translates as a journey of emotions and ambiences mixed with many psychedelic elements & deep lyrics that express the seasons of life and the destruction of the ego. You can find it on many websites for online streaming or purchase it on the itunes store. On September 2012, Republi-k reunites after a 15 month vacation.

On January 16, 2013, Republi-k releases their 2nd studio album, Dark Matter. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by myself, this new LP is a concept album meant to be released in vinyl as well, showcasing Republi-k's Space Psychedelic Rock n' Roll. The album is now available for streaming and download on Republi-k's websites.

Republi-k is currently touring Los Angeles, CA, and is on the making of a European tour that will start around mid 2013. Check out the official website ( to see the tour calendar and confirmed dates.

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