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THE GROUP: Andromeda is Fort Wayne, Indiana Hip-Hop at its best. Combining the basic elements of rap music - namely a DJ and an emcee - with the desire to see where the artform can progress without contradicting its own rules, DJ Polaris and Brainstorm draw from the same source which has made Hip-Hop Culture one of the leading influences in the world today.

THE HISTORY: Having formed in 1993 primarily as a production team and duo (known then as "Original School"), the 2 member crew have taken their family ties, life experiences, and musical backgrounds to craft a sound that is purely their own. With a style reminiscent of the so-called "Golden Era" of rap music, Andromeda uses hard beats, crisp melodies, and inciteful subject matter to draw their audience into a world of relentless lyricism and turntable mastery that is innovative without breaking the spoken rules of Hip-Hop Culture. They will tell you themselves that "originality and fun" are at the core of "The Andromeda Sound", along with addressing social issues that affect masses of people today and generations to come. Having themselves witnessed and experienced nearly every era of rap, DJ Polaris and Brainstorm choose to be different in this current mix of "cookie-cutter" mainstream acts and underground cult followings by simply making the music they want to make - a simple formula which has gained them not only a core audience of fans, but also the respect of musicians from numerous genres of music. Whether in their high-energy live show or on any of their various releases, Andromeda strives to achieve their goal of producing "timeless" Hip-Hop Music that you can feel.

THE WORK/RELEASES: Under the name of Original School, Andromeda released 2 cassette-only albums in the mid 1990's. Various underground singles were also recorded and performed, but never formerly released to the public. After their reformulation in 2000, Andromeda released the "ANDROMEDA" maxi-single/ep early in 2001 to introduce the world to their new identity and sound. The "purple disc", as it is affectionately referred to by their fans, gained Andromeda a renewed interest from loyal supporters and expanded their fanbase globally due to their use of online promotions. DJ Polaris and Brainstorm continued to hone their live performances by averaging 2 to 3 shows per week to drive sales of the "purple disc" and online downloads way beyond thier expectations. In June 2004, Andromeda released their full-length debut album "THE NEED", a musical conversation about the state of Hip-Hop amongst global affairs of the day. With Brainstorm on the mic, superb production from DJ Polaris set the landscape for clean, socially-conscious lyrics that not only moved heads, but also stimulated minds. This dynamic duo raised the bar for fellow artists, while filling the void for Hip-Hop fans wanting music with substance. All in all, Andromeda said what needed to be said, and the result was apparent even years after this landmark work. With the success of their debut album "THE NEED", Andromeda continued to perform and record as a single group and also with other members of their crew, The Underground Coalition. As a crew of active Hip-Hop participants, their combined knowledge, experience, and dedication to Hip-Hop Culture is unmatched and their skills speak for themselves. Early in 2005, The U.C. (Underground Coalition) spearheaded the release of Fort Wayne's first all-city, emcee mixtape series called "SPITTIN' BULLETS" which featured some of Summit City's finest lyrical talent. By uniting pioneers, legends, and up-and-coming artists all on the same CD, The U.C. was able to promote unity in their home city, as well as show the diversity which makes Fort Wayne a standout city in Hip-Hop. "SPITTIN' BULLETS" (Volume 1 and Volume 2) have continued to inspire artists and provide an outlet for emcees to grow their fanbases as Volume 3 in the works for 2007. In July 2005, The U.C. released their first compilation album, "A PANIC IS BREWING". The album featured all of the members of The U.C. - Weatherman, 219, Andromeda, Roleo & EDS, Big World, and Sub-Surface (who later left The U.C. in November 2005). "A PANIC IS BREWING" was deemed a classic by the listeners and cemented The U.C. as a staple for Hip-Hop lovers. Other releases by U.C. members have also featured production and/or guest verses by DJ Polaris and Brainstorm. Along with performing and recording, DJ Polaris and Brainstorm also DJ open-mic emcee battles and poetry slams, speak at colleges and on university panel discussions, mentor up-and-coming artists, and help to establish/maintain an internet community for Fort Wayne's Hip-Hop scene. Where other artists have gained a following strictly through CD sales or repetitive performances, Andromeda continues to set a higher standard by being involved in the development of the people and preservation of the culture. In February 2006, Andromeda released "THE MINIMUM WAGE MIXTAPE" as a precursor to their "BLUE COLLAR MUSIC" album. The group's constant growth was undeniable, but the mixtape also sparked a renewed interest in their debut album "THE NEED" and they were forced to issue a second printing (the white label edition). In the summer of 2006, Andromeda released Blue Collar's first single "Motivation" via the internet. The response was phenomenal, especially on myspace. The follow-up single, "A Slave's Portion" and later the title track "Blue Collar", set the stage for the April 2007 release of the full-length "BLUE COLLAR MUSIC" on Andromeda's new record label, Elephant Audio Recordings (E.A.R.). Blue Collar's harsh truth about the economic state of Black America is both controversial and enlightening, while the superior production continues to satisfy those who love "The Andromeda Sound".