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Angela Booker

Artist: Angela Booker
New Single: "Jesus You Are My Everything"
My devotion to God leads me to a higher height in him
and deeper depth. A song from my heart that delivers
a new beginning for my life. I am covered by the blood
of the lamb, and 'Jesus is my everything'.

Short Bio of How far the Lord has Brought me!!!

From High-school being awarded the most talented of
my Senior class, I benefited from being starred in plays
and talent shows, where I would sing, and or act and
win top prizes. And, growing up in what we called the
projects, (subsidized homes for the less fortunate), I
performed in my first live talent show event in the
neighborhood family nights in 'Atlanta Georgia' where
music for me then was rhythm and blues type songs,
and these songs would be sang to move the people
with inspiration and love for one another, whereas, I
was fortunate enough once again to win top prizes for
my heartfelt performance and God given talents.

Time has past so fast, and now my life has never
been like it has been before, because I am a born
again Christian who believe that anything is possible,
when you believe in God. And also, I tend to sing more
of the New Age Christian Gospel sound music which
brings Joy and Happiness to ones' soul.

My favorite quote in the bible is taken from
Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me." Also, given I have had
to endure somewhat milestones with tenacity,
my singing career is taking me to a higher level. I
am not new to the record, film, or any type of
performances that renders positive motivation and
active community endeavors, yet I have to start
again with anticipation that the recording I
performed with my elementary classmates along
with my music Instructor's class was not in vain,
and believe that the given opportunity to perform in
this life time will become a legend in the families
and friends that I meet along the way in my journey
from day to day.

Likewise, one day my dreams will come true,
whereas, I can subdue my passion for helping others.
I do believe in myself and teach everyday others to do
the same. I feel qualified to do what I do, and is so glad
that this is my season to do it in. "Singing is one of my
long term goals in my life's dreams that I put on hold till
this day to give back to our communities who are
struggling with low self esteem and brokenness a
chance to live their dreams without limiting their
capabilities to age, race, disabilities, etc., but continue
to run the race with patience and looking unto the Lord
for your destiny to come alive, because he is the author
and finisher of our enduring faith.

Angela Booker is "Shepherdess Angie B"
and God gave me this name because I do
care and tend to his sheep. 10:28 a.m.
Thursday, June 30, 2011.