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Angela Lin

Enjoy your freedom and relax with improv your dream! My goal is to help people be happier and less stressed out ... which

I've wanted to help move people away from just reading notes off piano sheets, playing the same thing that everybody else is playing...and to unleash their potential with some improv. Hopefully others can be inspired to simply play the piano and let their fingers guide them and let their feelings be released through piano.

Help me spread this movement to inspire others to play what they feel like and be creative instead of simply playing what others are playing. Be unique in yourself!

I've started learning piano when I was 5 and was trained in classical piano for 11 years. However, I realized that it's so much better when I can play some of the songs that I hear on the radio, on TV shows, karaoke, etc.

More importantly, when you can express how you're feeling through piano or simply de-stress with playing whatever you feel like. In case you're wondering, the reason that I started is because I have a full time accountant job which can be quite stressful at times. So, I also have my marketing consulting business to de-stress and combining that with piano makes my life full and love the fact that I can bring music to others.

I've literally sat for 2 hours in the condo lobby playing improv and have had parents bring their kids or more people reading papers in the lobby with music. It's great to bring smiles to people through the music and that's all I want to see to know I'm helping to make the world a happier place.