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Angels and Demons

Angels And Demons is a combo with Alex Stornello as a cornerstone: internationally renowned guitarist and teacher of unquestionable experience, Alex is a musician that combines excellent technique, knowledge of harmony, improvisation skills and stylistic refinement in a sound that expands well beyond a single genre. Alex is able to combine different styles and features a phrasing that has often been defined as Jazz-Metal, he easily moves in areas such jazz as Heavy.

Alongside him on bass, Giorgio "JT" Terenziani, Rock / Metal bass player already member of Absynth Aura, Killing Touch, Mr. Pig and Maestro. Giorgio is a musician of undoubted technical skills, estimated teacher and one of the best Italian live performers. He has an extraordinary technique, great solo ideas and a rhythmic continuity that makes the perfect base for Alex raids. The mix between these two souls and the ability to experience are beyond any definition of genre.

The drummer Paolo Caridi complete this Power Trio and represents the engine of the band. Paolo is the drummer of Arthemis, Killing Touch and Michele Luppi Band and he has already proved itself at national level for precision and power that make him a unique and versatile drummer able to provide a solid rhythmic base and to be a good soloist using the same way: dynamics, power and rhythmic creativity.

The Alex phrasing and harmonic approach, the technique and the sound of Giorgio and the power of Paolo are the strengths of this band.

A Power Trio that means Fusion as exploration and as a real fusion of genres and different influences.