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Member of the 71Raw, affiliated with the West Coast Wu-Tang Killa Beez.

In an era when hip-hop has emerged into the mainstream media of American households and has found its foundation in the music industry, a musically inclined individual was inspired. Anthai da Protagonist was at a critical age where he absorbed and identified best with the sound of hip-hop music. His music was inspired by those of Al Green, Stylistics, and Isaac Hayes. He was also heavily influenced by the 90's Hip-Hop. Anthai da Protagonist has been creating original music since 1999. This extremely passionate individual for music, gave the breath of life and put together a formula which is now known as 71Raw. Anthai da Protagonist isn't just a catchy name. There is a science behind the name which defines the musician. "Anthai" is the incorporation of this artist's last name "Thai" and his state of mind of being "Anti" against all negativity in life. Protagonist in definition, is to be the hero to save listeners from the non-sense and meaningless rap music circulating in the industry today.

[To date, he has released three albums: "71Raw Project" (2004), "Anthai Presents The Revival Remix" (2005), and "Ninja Guidance" (2008). On both "71Raw Project" and "Ninja Guidance" albums, he produced 95% of it and 100% on his "Anthai Presents The Revival Remix" album. In addition, he has provided the hard hitting beats for the group as well working as the engineer in the studio, and doing the mix down for all of the 71Raw songs. You can support and purchase 71Raw "Ninja Guidance" album on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc.]

Anthai and his crew 71Raw has built a strong affiliation with the West Coast Killa Beez (Wu-Tang) since 2004. Anthai established a strong bond with the Black Knights and Christ Bearer of Northstar. Many of the Wu-Tang Fam were featured in 71Raw's latest album "Ninja Guidance". Some of the featured artists includes: Beretta 9 of Killarmy, Black Knights, Christ Bearer, and Solomon Childs.

Anthai has a gift as a musician and emcee but his passion for music has moved him to become a strong producer as well. He's produced not only for 71Raw, but has also produced for the Black Knights of the Wu-Tang Fam and other artists. [As an emcee, Anthai cultivates, writes and expresses his music from his personal experiences -- he's an emcee that definitely does not sound like your typical Vietnamese rapper.] Beyond being the musician, Anthai is also an entrepreneur. He manages 71Raw and is responsible for merchandising of 71Raw garments. He makes the majority of the business decisions for 71Raw. His main focus is to make sure 71Raw grows in the direction in which it was intended to. [In addition to his resume, he is now doing fashion shows for various Hip-Hop clothing lines. Hosting his own radio show "Raw Radio" with his partners Martial Art and Soul Therapist (]

Anthai just recently released his first solo album "The Anthai Drug" featuring Christ Bearer, The Black Knights, and more. He's just recently finished shooting for the "Drunken Master" video, which was from the last "Ninja Guidance" album. You can find it on Youtube to view his music video. Overall this rising star holds a strong message in his music. If you haven't heard his music, take a moment out to pick up his album, if you are not a fan yet, you will soon be one.