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Antonios Plessas

Antonis Plessas works as a freelancer and his activities comprise music composition
and production, public performance and management of musical projects.
In the field of music technology, he works on providing advisory and educative
information as well as writing books and articles. Other educational activities
include seminars, lectures, presentations and the writing of books and articles.
Teaching various classes in the fields of music technology and music business.
Moreover, he participates in international and national conferences and forums,
projects and initiatives related to the field of Music Business, New Media and the
challenges for the protection of intellectual property works in the new digital

The field of collaborations includes collaborations with composers, performers,
music companies, visual artists, production companies, TV and radio stations,
publishing houses, educational institutions, organizations of collective
management, network sites, magazines, etc.
The campaign "Γνωστοί Έλληνες" (Well-known Greeks) by Rainbow Computer for
Apple Inc. in Greece.

Lower and upper High-school: Leontio Lyceum.
Music studies in Greece: Athens Conservatory and private lessons with Alekos Enian
and Klelia Terzaki.
Music studies abroad: Berklee College of Music with partial scholarship. Graduated
with Magna Cum Laude.
Other studies abroad:
Berklee College of Music: Major in Music Production & Engineering.
Berklee College of Music: Attendance of classes for the Music Synthesis course.
Berklee College of Music: Drums with professors Εd Kaspik
& Joe Hunt.
Languages: Speaks English & French

• "Eurovision" 1983 International Festival. Representation of our country with
the song "Μου Λες" (Mu les), performed by Christie Stasinopoulou.
• Music for the TV series "Tρεις Xάριτες" (Tris Harites) and for "Tο Mυστικό
του Άρη Μπονσαλέντη" (To Mistiko tou Ari Mponsalenti) aired in Mega
• Music for the award winning show of photographer Sue Papadakou, titled
"Χορός των Σπειρογράφων" (Horos ton Spirografon).
• Composition of music themes for the shows of Antenna and ATHINA 9.84
radio stations.
• Jingles for "Kiknos" and "Tutti Frutti" products.
• Music for the electronic games produced by "Skepsis LTD" within the scope
of the "Evrometriki" events in Athens.
• Composition of music themes for the production of “AUDIO” (Αudio Project I
& IΙΙ) and HiTECH Special Edition “Audio Pro 4/99) magazines.
• Composition of music for the educational, interactive site
• Personal Albums:
“ΑΝΑΔΥΣΗ” (Emersion) (ΒΜG 1992),
“AΡΩΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΡΟΝΟΥ” (Scent of Time) (MUSIKI LTD 1997)
“ΙΣΤΟΡΙΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΝΕΡΟΥ” (Tales of the Water) (MUSIKI LTD 2005)
• Composition for the multiple format version of the "History of Greeks"
regarding the 20th century section. The work was published by Maniatea
Publications in cooperation with Eleftherotipia and Proto Thema newspapers.

( P A R T I C I P A T I O N S - P E R F O R M A N C E S - C O L L A B O R A T I O N S )
From 1978 until today participation through playing drums in the following:
• In the theatrical show "Jesus Christ Superstar" in "Anna Maria Kalouta"
• In theatrical events of the Ministry of Culture and of the Festival of Athens.
• In TV shows with the group of Evgenia Sirioti.
• In TV shows of the composer and soloist, Mr. Stefanos Korkolis.
• In concerts of music groups and soloists in the College of Athens,
Hellenic-American Union, Club Memphis, Intercontinental Hotel, Altomonte
Festival in Italy, etc.
• In recordings for album productions.
• In recordings for theatrical and TV productions.
• As the founding member in the groups "Out the Blue" and "Polyrhythmics"
Among others, collaborations with the following musicians:
• Apostolis Anthimos, Minas Alexiadis, Michalis Armagos, Nikos Vardis, Paul
Boudouris, Karolos Voutsinas, Achilleas Diamantis, Giotis Kiourtsoglou, Petros
Kourtis, Antonios Ladopoulos, David Lynch, Kostas Mpaltazanis, Kostas Mpigalis,
Thimios Papadopoulos, Stavros Papastavrou, Mimis Plessas, Vassilis Rakopoulos,
Vassilis Tsampropoulos, Georgios Fakanas, Takis Farazis, Paul Wertico, etc.

"ARS MEDITERRANE" Multi Media exposition of the stage designer and sculptor Ilia
De Riska, hosted in the expo area of "BUGA" in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Radio shows: “7 νότες & ένα Βyte” (7 notes & 1 Byte) (ΕRA 2) &
“Χωρίς Σύνορα” (Horis Sinora) (Αntenna).
Numerous projects ordered by various organizations.

Participation in dozens of album productions, as operator of digital music systems
in productions for the following companies: SONY/BMG, LYRA, SONY, WARNER,
Recording and digital processing of the educational software titled: "Music World",
of Dr. Konstantinos Ntinopoulos, published by Kastantiotis Editions.
Recent projects include:
• Recording and digital processing of the work of the Mr. Mimis Plessas,
composer, titled "Η μουσική των Σφαιρών" (E Musiki ton Sferon), projected in
Eugen Foundation.
• Recording and digital procession of the oratory of Mimis Plessas and Dimitris
Mprouhos, regarding the life and work of the Teacher of the Nations, Apostle
Paul. ("Παύλος: Ο Πρώτος μετά τον Ένα") ("Paul - O Protos meta ton Ena")
• Recording of the Three piece Suite for piano by composer Mimis Plessas for the
work: "History of Greeks", publisher by Maniatea Publications.
• Recording and processing of album work of composer Mimis Plessas with
soloists Christos Rafaelides and Maria Markesini.

The following are available from "Synchroni Musiki" publications:
1993: “Τέχνη & Τεχνολογία: Οι νέοι ορίζοντες” (Art and Technology: New
1998: “Μουσική & Τεχνολογία” (Music & Technology) Volume A
2002: “Μουσική & Τεχνολογία” (Music & Technology) Volume Β

In magazines: PC Magazine (ed: ATTIKES Εkdoseis), “RAM”, “HiTECH”, musicpro,
Echos (ed: Technikes Ekdoseis), “Audio” (Motor Press Hellas).
In publications: Prism by Rainbow, Μουσικός Τόνος (Musikos Tonos), Μελλοντικά
Νέα (Mellontika Nea), Tα Nέα του ΣEΠE (Ta nea tu SEPPE), in the newspaper of the
Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI).

Planning, management, and presentation of four national Composition Contests in
2002, 2004, 2005 and 2007 (Makemusic Contest).
The first contest was hosted by RAM magazine and AKMI Educational Institute in
The second, third and fourth competition (Makemusic Contest 2004 & 2005, 2007)
were held by AKMI IVT with the cooperation of Μ site and PC
MagazinFounding member and manager of music community that
aimed to serve as the voice of independent Greek artists online.
Cooperated with AEPI’s Communication Department and Netwire in creating and
managing the network of Greek Music Makers project MusicUnites.

S E M I N A R S - L E C T U R E S – P R E S E N T A T I O N
Collaborated by teaching regularly or through seminars, lectures and presentations
with the following educational institutions and organizations: AKMI IVT, the Greek
branch of SAE, F. Nakas Conservatory, Hellenic Conservatory , C. B. Fakanas
Conservatory, Audio Video Recording, Music High-school of Pallini, Erateio
Conservatory, Omiros IVT , AΕΠΙ (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual
Property (ΑΕΠΙ).,, etc.
Honored with the title “Apple Distinguished Educator” by Apple Inc.

• Week of events for "Art and Technology": "Ileana Tounta" Center of Modern
• "Audio 90" University of Patra.
• Third Greek University Conference, hosted by “Rainbow Computer”.
• First Greek National conference on musical education (Pieridis Gallery).
• “Experience 1994 & Experience 1995” in Zappeion Hall, hosted by “Rainbow
• Hellenic Conservatory: Introduction to Musical Technology.
• Infoworld 98 Art & Informatics.
• "Artists in Action": A network for Cultural Occupation, Athinais Venue, Spring
• Muse Festival 2006: Speech on the subject: "The independent creator -
producer in the era of digital revolution", within the forum titled: "Greek Music
Market - challenges - protection of the creator of intellectual property in the new
digital environment" that took place in the Center of Arts of ACS College.
• Conference of Greek Composers Union in Athens Concert Hall with subject:
"Éntekhno” Greek music creations: Tradition and Globalization" Speech on the
findings, challenges, capabilities and perspectives in the radically altered field of
21st century music industry (April 2007).
• Informative events by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of intellectual
Property. Presentation subject: "The multiple uses of the musical piece in the 21st
century digital environment".
• International Music Expo Cosmomusica 2008. Speech on the music industry
and participation in mentoring sessions.
• Department of music studies in Ionian University (Ionian University):
Presentation within the program of seminars for the "Μusic Business Academy"
course regarding intellectual property (May 2008).
• AKMI IVT Presentation about the challenges faced by the music industry in the
21st century.
• OMIROS IVT: Presentation about the multiple uses of the musical piece in the
21st century.
• Participation in the formation of the program "DIGITAL MUSIC EDUCATION
and TRAINING", subsidized by the Directorate General for Education and Culture
of the European Committee (Culture 2000) materialized by ΙΕΜΑ in cooperation
with 5 other European bodies.
• Completion of the redesign project for the Hellenic Society for the Protection
of Intellectual Property website. Cooperation for the design of its online forms for
Members and Users.
• December 2008: Participation in the conference "The professional musician
in the digital age - trends, challenges and prospects. He presented a) "New trends
for independent artists and creators in placing and selling their music in today's
market». b) «Vocational Guide for Authors and performers». The conference was
organized by the Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics (IEMA) in
collaboration with the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of
Panteion University.
• Management of a personal and professional with subjects regarding my
activities in the following areas: Music composition and production, writing of
educational books, writing of articles, education, and project management.
• Formation of the course schedule "Introduction to music industry", which
shall be taught by myself on the account of AKME IVT, starting on 2008-2009
academic period.
• Preparation and presentation of Apple's Garageband software on the account
of iSquare in Public stores.
• Launched a series of podcasts aimed to amateur and professional musicians.
• Formation of the course schedule "Introduction to music industry", which
shall be taught by myself on the account of AKME IVT, starting on 2008-2009
academic period.
• Participated in Media Camp Athens 2 His presentation was on Licencing
Music to podcasters. The event took place at Microfost innovation center in
Athens on March 14 & 15 2009.
• Media Camp Athens 2010 (hosted by Microsoft Innovation Center).
Presentation with title: Music Today: What we do when the unthinkable future is
already in the past.
• December 2010: On behalf of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of
Intellectual Property (AEPI) presented his positions and experiences as a creator of
musical works, authors’ rights owner and music user in the international seminar
“Authors’ Rights in the Digital Age: A Fair Deal for Journalists” that was organized
by the European Federation of Journalists and hosted by the Journalists’ Union of
Macedonia and Thrace Newspapers (ESIEMTH) in Thessaloniki, Greece.
• Μarch 2011: Was invited to participate in a discussion organized by Spam Radio
on the subject of Music business in Greece.
• May 2011: Invitation of composer-Producre George Andreou in the context of
visits of acclaimed professionals. Mr. Anndreou shares with Music Business
students of Mr. Plessas his expertise on recording and producing.
• June 2011: The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property
Published in its newspapper his article entitled "New trends in marketing and
selling independently produced musical work in the international market”
• July 2011: In view of the attended amendments of Law.2121/93 (Copyright,
Related Rights and Cultural Matters) he participated in group mobilization and
actions and cosigned the creators open letter to Prime Minister.
• Appearance in TV show "Escape" hosted by National Channel ET1 where he spoke
on music technology and the challenges of the Internet era for composers ans
• September 2011: Following the invitation of colleague singer Paschalis Arvanitidis
he wrote a chapter for his soon to be published book entitled "The handbook of a
good singer". The chapter is devoted to the challenges and opportunities in
making a living with music in a digital world.

• Ringtones creation for the iPhone platform based on compositions from his
3personal albums.
• Participated in a 12 week online seminar from Berklee College of Music on Music
• Participates in a 12 week online seminar from Berklee College of Music on Music
in Online Music Marketing.
• Cooperation as an columnist with guitarists web site TAR
• Works on the preparation of a new course entitled “Music marketing in the Digital
• Made a presentation at WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki Greece on the subject: Promotion of Local Repertories in the Digital Age.