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Anya Parker-Lentz

Anya Parker-Lentz looks like your typical, All-American teenage girl. The fifteen-year old Short Hills, New Jersey resident loves playing field hockey, writing, sewing and hanging out with friends. Anya is prone to giggle fits with her closest friends, and shows a unique and inquisitive mind in conversation and in her academic pursuits. Everything changes once Anya sits down at a piano, however. The sweet shyness of a teenager falls by the wayside, and she becomes an intense, brooding and eccentric artist who thrives in the maelstrom of creation. With a distinctive ear for melody, and a perspective on the world that reaches far beyond her fifteen years, Anya is an old soul spinning songs written under the influence of youth.

While many teen artists are espousing the sort of stream-of-emotion poetry that dots diary pages, Anya digs into emotions and experiences with the fine eye of a veteran storyteller; crafting visions of the world how it is, and how it should be, in lucid and compelling language. Anya's songs illuminate people, places and moments with life; bringing listeners closer to the human experience while maintaining the perspective of a troubadour.

Anya can’t remember a time when she didn’t sing, but it was just two years ago when she found her niche as a solo singer. Anya spent four years performing with the New Jersey Youth Chorus, twice singing on stage at Carnegie Hall. An impromptu family performance of Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" changed Anya's musical trajectory, however. With a voice that’s been compared to Nicks, Adele and even Sara Bareilles, Anya has a vocal charisma that stops people in their tracks. She's already performed at New York City's famed B.B. King's, and shows the depth of an accomplished songwriter.

One of Anya's very good friends is Jake, is a young man who has endured the neurological movement disorder Dystonia. He and his family are active fundraisers for the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation. Two years ago, Jake’s mother asked Anya on a lark to write a song about Jake with no real expectations. Anya responded with “Mission Possible”, digging deep into the emotions generated by watching a friend struggle and survive. In the process, she managed to a write a deeply moving song that both defined Jake’s life and his meaning to those around him. “Mission Possible” has become an unofficial anthem for the annual fundraiser Jake’s Ride.

It is the ability to take something personal and convert it into something universal that marks the difference between a technician and an artist. A singer/songwriter who can, in turn, take this universal concept and turn it into a personal experience for the listener transcends her art, and Anya has already shown this tendency in her songwriting. Never to be left behind when inspiration strikes, Anya responds whatever the time of day. It’s not uncommon to find Anya at her basement piano at three A.M., nurturing a fledgling song born of the detritus of dreams to life.

One such creation is a song entitled "Wake Up Alice", a recast of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of the entrapments of adolescence. Haunting and insightful, "Wake Up Alice" is part Tori Amos and part Sarah McLachlan, yet fully Anya. The depth of imagery derived from Carroll's opus and given fresh life in the song is intriguing, and Anya's voice paints it all in the maudlin-yet-provoking colors of melancholy.

For Anya, the future looks bright. With a deep understanding of the interconnectivity of art and the human condition, and a talent that is only now shaking itself from the joyful slumbers of youth and demanding to be heard, Anya Parker-Lentz is a voice of tomorrow. Anya isn't even certain what she's capable of yet, but any discerning music fan will recognize the signs of a future icon in this unassuming Jersey girl.

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