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Hi There,

My name is not Important

I am Music Producer and Sound Engineer

I Love to do Remixing of my Projects

My Goal is to be DJ that is Respected Worldwide

My Grandfather was Respected Master for Creation, Maintenance and Repair of Harmonica.

In his Workshop he was having little Casio Synthesizer so I was having good time
when he was saving the World with his knowledge and experience in precise Craft.

When I was the kid my Grandfather paying me lessons for Chromatic button Accordions
that have a much greater right-hand range in Scientific pitch notation
than an Accordion with a piano keyboard.

In few words:
I was learning to Play Music on Harmonica "DALLAPE"
that my Grandfather made Special for me and give me for my Birthday :)

All that is going on in the Golden Age of Harmonica when I was young
become the stepping stone for great Musical Skills that I Develop to Perfection.

I am talking about Grandfather who is Father of my Mother just to be known

For me every play day was Payday..
so I Naturally Starts to Perform every new Loop more Professionally.

I quickly learn to play many good Stuff without looking in buttons
thanks to peaceful time that I spent in Grandfather's workshop
where I helping him in Repairing of Instruments
with my Skillful Apprentice hands..
he was Tuning all Specter of Tonnes to Sound Perfect
so he is in that same time on indirect way also Sharpening my Sense of Hearing.

Later I go in Private School to learn playing Synthesizer

I ask Teacher can she teach me to play Trance music on Synthesizer?
She said that she only teach me how to play and than I can play what I want..
when I ask how much time is needed to learn what it takes she honestly told me "Whole Life"!!

So I took few Classes to learn the basics,
and then I Studied Berkeley College of Music Online,
after that I buy few new Books about Music and Music Business,
in the Time I gathered the knowledge from Books everything change..
Music Business in not what is seems to be..
and is still going through Big Changes Fast like Music and Audience.

Than I meet on Internet and Real World Friends with same interest,
we share the links, knowledge, experiences and opinions,
collaboration was of Big Help same like some Information from Books.

And then I choose Program and Master the Science of Cutting Edge Music.

Everything else is History written in Waves and you can hear it if you Wish.
I hope you like and if that's the truth leave the few nice words in review to the World.