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Arian Stone

IfeanyiCyrusijomor (ArianStone) was born in a city called Sapele in Delta State of Nigeria to chief and Mrs. Mathias OjiakpeIjomor as the fifth child of seven siblings. Growing up in Sapele was quite a challenge for those who were, raised there in the 60’s through the 80’s.
My father – a Post and Telecoms federal employee did all his best with the help of his heartthrob – Celina ijomor (nee Onyenye) to provide us all quality education. I was raised in the church environment with strict rules laden on two key words – “Obedience and Service”.
My father who was then a choirmaster in our church (St Joseph’s Chosen Church of God) played the accordion and I danced to his tunes as a child. I loved dancing and singing along as my voice could then permit. After obtaining my bachelors degree in accounting from the University of Benin, Nigeria and following a near death experience, I decided to obey the voice of God by quitting being a bench warmer to actively participating in the functional areas of the church for growth and expansion. I found a slot in the choir and in the youth body, where I routinelytaught the word, sing as lead and also as backup.
The art of writing songs came along as the spirit directed to ginger the youth’s participation in the church’s activities because as I observed, the younger generations in the congregation of the church were just there because daddy and mummy commanded so. Their minds and participation was difficult to harness into the corporate beauty of the church.
The thought came to mind that if they enjoyed the music in the church, they would want to come without being forced and that might awaken their interest to join the band wagon. My first move was to convert circular music that they enjoyed in their privacy into gospel songs and also revolutionize the existing songs rendered in the church to see what would happen. This experimentation was greatly welcomed and the interest of many younger kids to wanting to contribute their services to the churchsoared.Some joined the choir, others joined the youth organization. Since then, song writing has become a part of me and through and by the Holy Ghost has made it an effortless one.
Coming to America with my heartthrob of the MBA class of 1996 (University Of Benin) – Elsie ijomor (nee Oyibo) saw me doing the same thing – Dancing and Singing but with – Mountain of Fire & Miracle Ministries PG branch as a member of the choir.
Making an album was never my original goal but just to sing and praise the Lord, in church. However, with continuous clamors from congregation that heard me minister in songs to do an album, I gave in after so much pressure by asking God to come down and do His will with this first album.
My wife and I are indeed very grateful to God our father who has so far blessed us with three beautiful daughters, and a son that are also towing the family heritage of being psalmist unto the Lord.
Disadvantaged by not having any formal schooling in music, the Lord has compensated me with His knowledge, wisdom and understanding coupled with the experiences gained while acquiring education in the fields of accounting, Business and project management as well as information technology.
My prayer is that this, little light of mine will not be extinguished by any power, force, or situation and no weapon of the enemy fashioned against me and my ministry into posterity shall ever prosper in Jesus mighty name, Amen.