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Arthur Minasyan

Arthur Minasyan was born in Armenia on April 7, 1979. At the young age of 8 he began attending music school where his mother was a teacher. He enjoyed all the classical masterpieces he heard during his mother’s classes and he would often stay to listen. He left the musical school after 4 years of studying.

One day during the country’s years of difficulties, war, and cold from lack of power, Arthur sat by the piano and started to play something by candlelight. His mother was busy grading homework while listening to what he was doing. She took notice and asked what he was playing. He enthusiastically replied, “I don’t know mom, but I’ve made up something new.” Since that day he realized he has the potential of composing music.

In 2003 he made a CD which he titled “Made in Heaven.” The album has sold more than 100 copies, not only in Armenia, but also in the USA, Switzerland and Great Britain. Many of his friends noticed the talent that he had and they were amazed how he used specific harmonies and melodies in his compositions while not reading the notes. He also improvised some well known classical works and he played some by ear.

The first live performance he had was in 2000 in the Armenian Chamber Musical Hall where he performed “He gives love to everyone.” People were touched and filled with love as they approached Arthur to congratulate him after the performance. Later he participated in the Armenian capital’s song contest where his song was recognized as good and melodious by the president of the “Compositors community.” His goal is to touch the hearts of people and invite the spirit of unity, understanding and love.