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Ascended Essence

"Ascended Essence"

Is the universe viewed through artistic manifestations. Ascended Essence embodies emcees, producers, and creative souls who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of taking Hip-Hop and conscious expression 2 the next plateau. A.E. works to use the medium of audio to raise the vibration of the listener....this isn't just music- it's an experience.

Why Ascended Essence?

Not a name that was thoughtlessly chosen, there is a cosmic bestowed purpose behind the semantics 'Ascended Essence'. At the heart of the physical/mental/spiritual realm lays a truth which is beyond essence. When one is in touch with this 'essence' on the deepest level, their entire experience or reality is 'awakened' per se. The consciousness then becomes ascended from repetition of intense metaphysical deliberation. There is a shift occurring in the world and in music - especially in the globalization of Hip-Hop culture - to a more thought-provoking and spiritually enlightened sound. Ascended Essence deems to be at the forefront of that shift.

United States East Coast natives Epademc and Arc tagged up during high school and formulated the A.E. Syndicate at the dawn of the millennium. Shortly after which, the 'Ascended Essence' banner was birthed; hence began the movement since, representing 'the way' of living life in the moment above the basics in higher vibration energy.

In the spirit of ascension and expansion, in early 2007, Ascended Essence grew to include 'esoteric lyricist' Mt Sinai and the 'eclectic beat smith' Rick Root aka Recruit. The induction of Sai and Rick Root into A.E. was a direct response to the direction Universal evolutionary shift being witnessed. These are times of dormant energy becoming active....potential being realized.

Sonically, A.E. displays a decisive and tangent of multi-genre sampling, Rick Root resonates with his higher self through the instrumentals he creates. On the cutting edge with new music which extends from honest expression and high energy focus Rick Root is paving the way with bumps and cuts. Lyrically, artist Epademc and Arc-Diz address the beauty of consciousness, separating the listener from the everyday worldly movements and bringing them to a fresh reality named, 'The Great'. All with an infectious energy their words beautifully struggle to express the grand design of the cosmos. Lyrically Mt. Sai introduces a mix of eastern philosophy & western mysticism....a transmission of 'ancient wisdom' which speaks to the soul, as well as the mind. As a combined force these lyricists truly embody the construct of ''Ascended Essence".

AE has composed a number of successful singles and albums... 2001 saw "After Earth", which included songs such as "Life of A.E.", 'The Stronghold' and "The Path". But it is their sophomore effort, "Ascended Masters LP.", an independent self-produced coming-of-age accumulation of contemplated thoughts and wit, which has solidified them as a force to be reckoned with in years to come. Released in late 2004, "The Ascended Masters LP." represents an honest expression of freedom that makes it a timeless classic.

On his own, Mt Sinai has a series of independent releases going back to 2003, including "At the Mouth of the River", "The Process of Ascension Preview", and the well-received mixtape style album "Wise Hip Hop". Mt. Sinai's latest work to date is his 2008 solo project 'Beyond Words'.

Together the Ascended Essence Movement continues to perfect and advance their sound, displaying their unique take on hip-hop, and the world. As 2010 is building on the horizon, so is the anticipation of the next AE's industry breakthrough and new releases. In a world of uncertainty, there is something that is unquestionable.....the Essence Is Ascended!