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Ashley Shonae

Many people find it difficult to express their emotions. But there are others who can tell a story by painting a picture with their words. Ashley Shonae is able to express how people feel in any situation. Her new album, Tough Love, is an attention grabbing debut that shows every aspect of being in a relationship. Her captivating voice will keep you wanting more!

A military brat with New Orleans roots, Ashley has been singing since the age of three. She didn’t take music seriously until her teens. She explains, “ My father is a Chaplain in the United States Air Force, which had me in church all the time . During my teen years I got involved in the church choir and dance team. It was there I developed my vocal skills, stage presence, and my over all love for singing.” In the meantime, she became a nurse so that she can help others and pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. Ashley states, “I love helping people and believe that there are many ways to make a difference. I feel that through my nursing abilities and my music that I can make a difference.”

As people started spreading the word of talents of Ashley Shonae, the pieces began to fall into place for her. Entering as a group for a talent show in Columbus, GA, Ashley as the lead singer with her team won first place, which inspired her to take her music to another level. Recording continuously, she linked up with San Antonio’s local producers M.A.C.B. and Sy McClure of R.E.A.L. Music. They helped her make her first album titled, “Tough Love.”

Being an independent artist allowed Ashley to experiment with her music. She reflects, “ There is a lot of hard work and dedication that went into this album, things that people don’t even realize. Although songwriting came easy to me, long hours were spent in pre-production and professionally recording these 10 songs.” With M.A.C.B. making beats and Sy assisting with pre-production and recording , the sound they got was young, hip, and vibrant.

From the album’s first single, “Ima G,” one hears the heartache from being in a tough relationship. “The song tells a story about a female who has gotten tired of the emotional abuse and decided to leave the relationship. In the end, she walked away a much stronger woman.”

Ashley Shonae is currently shopping her album to different record labels, radio stations, and supportive people around the world. “I just want to make good music. I would like to push music that people can relate to, music that people can dance to, and music that uplifts people. I just want to be heard to encourage others.”