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Avaelin started his life with music at a young age after decided that the trumpet was basically the business. Later on he decided that it was still cool, but playing more than one note at a time would be even cooler. So he taught himself how to play a piano. Then he started playing around with arranging songs he liked using a computer. After that he went to college and decided he wasn't cut out for this thing and shelved it for whatever reason.

Skip ahead a few years (and a couple of accompanying bad breakups)…

After adding the harp to his repertoire, Avaelin started to pursue music composition for the first time in several years. Working with various cheap controllers, keyboards, and a computer he started to build the soundscapes he had always wanted to but never thought he could. Over the course of several years he began to develop a signature sound alongside major life events which culminated in his first planned release Knots. Following Knots he continued to refine his sounds over the next several months, which resulted in Saturnalia - a personal favorite and a sort of Knots 2.0.

His next release was a serious of soundscapes largely inspired by the volcanic landscape of the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island. The Wastelands was a different beast and largely experimental. However the iterating on themes in that release led directly to From a Distance, which was effectively a revisitation of themes seen in his earlier releases with a bit for finesse applied to the formula.

After a year of iterating and trying new things, his most recent release Out of the Darkness arrived in November of 2014 - the culmination of constant tweaking of a small group of songs that stretched across the last few years. Since the release of Out of the Darkness Avaelin has been working on a new sound and a new theme for his next release. He looks forward to sharing the process and the results with all of you.