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Awaken's parallel universe


Coming straight away from the late 80’s, AWAKEN is the most intriguing under-underground project seen the last 20 years. Established by lazy student Gilles Snowcat in 1988, AWAKEN crossed fashions and trends without falling into any. From the early rough piano tunes to the sophisticated and funky progressive-punk of the masterpiece BEPPU NIGHTS, the music of Awaken always kept on talking to one’s mind and body, creating hypnotic and sensual vibrations in fan’s deepest soul. This dreamy mood is called magnetic soul ~ love music.

Prior to nowadays’ online-spread music, AWAKEN released two cult albums, the mythic TALES OF ACID ICE CREAM and the darker PARTY IN LYCEUM’S TOILETS. Influenced by disco rhythms as well as heavy riffs, funky synths or progressive structures, one should never forget that AWAKEN’s music’s main characteristic is still its unique soul and dream-like cosmic touch.

Based in Belgium but nurtured by Japanese and Vietnamese cultures, AWAKEN never ceased to release tunes that sometimes would become classics, like “Drunken Kuma”, “Wasabi Kiss”, “Chu´ Me`o Ngu? Que^n” or the recent “A´o Dza`I Ma`u Ho^`ng”.

Instead of weaken the project, the many line-up changes have always consolidated the relationship between AWAKEN’s music and its faithful audience.

In 2009, AWAKEN is preparing to hit the road once again, after a long absence from the live stage and the lights and smokes. Back to the sounds of tinkling glasses, warm atmospheres of flowing beverages and hands touching hands. After all, the magnetic soul ~ love music of AWAKEN is there to connect, invade and penetrate bodies and souls. After all, isn’t music the start of every love story ?