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Ayanna Lee

Brooklyn-based vocalist and composer Ayanna Lee is a Washington, D.C. native.

Deeply rooted in a family music tradition passed down from her father - R & B reggae drummer--and other family members--Ayanna comes from a long line of geechies and Gullahs in gospel, jazz and folk music who used their art for medicine, truth-telling and levity.

From the early age of five years old, her calling was loud and clear- she performed backyard and living room concerts at home featuring the music of her favorites--Stevie, Chaka, Aretha, Joni, Lennon, and Nina among others.

Today these roots and this calling combine to create an artist on the cusp of greatness-a versatile vocalist who brings her classic soul, gospel, jazz roots into the room with rock, alternative, folk tones to create an alternative soul that is all her own. Drawing from both the light and the dark to make a music that tells stories and above all, is healing.

Her debut EP FIVE -- a musical sample invites you on her journey.