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Based in Hamilton Ontario, BIG STAR BABY is a unique rock band. It is the brain child of Nicki Nero, a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer, composer and producer.
The rest of the band is a revolving door of guests from young upstart players to seasoned musicians, some of which have played on some top 40 hit songs in North America.
Nero has travelled the world playing in over 35 countries. He has won accolades and songwriting competitions and was signed, for a period, with EMI publishing.
The soon to be released debut album is an incredible piece of artistry that can be easily categorized as alternative rock/power pop; but that's where the labeling stops!
The carefully crafted and masterfully performed songs all stand on their own message and sound. Each are connected with such passion that you can't help being swept away on a magical journey, one that
doesn't shy away from the valleys written about in “Meltdown”. It’s a song that deals with the experience of losing one's mind and is loosely based on Nero's actual life.
In 2010 Nero was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after enduring multiple surgeries. He recorded 90% of the album while battling physical and mental challenges, a time Nero says “was the worst period of my life”. There were many moments he considered giving up, thinking he’d never live to see his project completed.
It is truly an inspirational story to see how music, support from his partner and friends, and a considerable amount of therapy have turned Nicki Nero and BIG STAR BABY into a powerhouse act that is sure to be a great success.
In the midst of that turmoil the wonderful ballad ‘Thank U’ was written. It’s an open letter to thank soldiers and their families for the sacrifice they make so we can have the freedoms we enjoy today.
Most of the album is upbeat and positive, asking each of us to unite and make this a better world, as suggested by the spirited tune ‘2 B AS 1’!
What makes this project so incredible is that there is absolutely no filler! Every song you could hear on the radio, your favourite TV show and/or film, adding so much emotional weight and resonance. It is incredibly rare to have so many infectious melodies on one record.
Don't believe me?
Have a listen........... Peace and Love