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“Making music is empowering. Why? Because people are listening. Having the ability to mask life’s irritations and gently and effectively guide people to a better place is the art that lies behind music. It’s like sharing a gift.”—Rebecca Bostrom
This quote from ascending alternative rock artist bekken is a portal into her world, her deep passion for music and its infinite depth of expression. What began as simply copycatting her sister’s piano lessons as a little girl, Rebecca Bostrom quickly identified that she had a love for manipulating sound.

“I remember speaking into a recorder in grade school and enjoying playing it back,” recalls Bostrom. “For many people, hearing their own voice is awkward. But as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by it. It’s amazing how much you can manipulate your emotion and persona through a microphone.”

Bostrom continued to study music. In college, she finally found an outlet for her talent. “Making music is frightening at first,” she says. “You feel so vulnerable. Eventually, this nakedness becomes a magical veil that allows you to jump in and out of fiction. It’s the artist’s greatest tool.”

This alter ego eventually took on an identity of its own. From a play on words paired with her nickname erupted bekken music. Bostrom's lust for expanding her musical knowledge is a driving force in her life. She is a perfectionist and involved in every facet of her music: writing, composing, recording, rejection and acceptance—ARRGG!

“Well, you know the process,” she says. “You can’t live without any of the elements. They all complete the desires of musical creation.”

Following in the footsteps of artists such as Björk, Bostrom offers an authenticity that is exposed in bekken’s sound. Of course, every young artist needs a break—a moment to shine. For bekken, this moment came spontaneously behind a grand piano in a Los Angeles hotel where she had participated earlier that day in a talent search.

Taking a seat, she began playing. Goose bumps ran up and down her spine. As her music took hold of the room, Bostrom belted out in harmony with the beautiful piano set. Soon, the entire room shared her raised flesh. The closing of her melody was enthusiastically followed by applause.

That fateful night was a new beginning for bekken. Bostrom started working with Upscale Recording, and in September, 2011, bekken’s debut album, “Mess Me Up,” was released. Showcasing her diversity, the hard-hitting, edgy, rock track, “Mess Me Up” sharply contrasts with the upbeat pop rhythm delivered in “Figure It Out” and the heartfelt, chilling ballad, “Deeper.” Bostrom knows no boundaries.