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Wacheva Cultural Arts

Biboti Ouikahilo

Biboti Ouikahilo: Founder, Executive & Artistic Director of Wacheva Cultural Arts
Professional Drummer, Dancer, Dance teacher & Drum teacher

Biboti comes from the Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) West Africa where he was in the
National Dance Company of the Ivory Coast for 17 years as dancer, drummer &

In December of 1980, Biboti began his professional dance career with the prominent
Ivory Coast National Dance & Drum Company. Touring throughout the world provided
Biboti with the opportunity to share his talents in a number of countries, such as
Morocco, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Yugoslavia, Italy, Kenya, Spain, and

After 17 years as dancer, drummer and choreographer in the National Dance & Drum
Company of the Ivory Coast, in 1997, Biboti moved to United States where he spent 6
years in NYC teaching and performing.

From 2000-2001, Biboti was part of the Jimmy Buffet summer tour, and in 2002, Biboti
participated in the Hollywood movie, “Tears of the Sun,” starting Bruce Willis in

In 2003, Biboti moved to Syracuse, NY where he shares his culture with the community
and schools from kindergarten to colleges & universities.

In 2009, Biboti and Wacheva opened their own multicultural dance, drum and fitness
studio at One Village Dance Centre in Syracuse, NY.

Biboti's intention is to share his love, passion and joy for West African dance and drum with the
CNY community, uniting and celebrating the diversity of the world’s cultures.


“ART, a means of expression or communication”
Always do your best
Respect yourself and others
Take pride in your work

In the artist life, to express an emotion
If he is a painter, he paints
If he is a singer, he sings
If he is a musician, he plays
If he is a dancer, he dances

Today, African dance and drum is recognized internationally as the first manifestation of African
culture. My vision is to raise awareness and expand the understanding of this art by reflecting
the soul throughout movements and instruments. As a dancer, drummer and choreographer, my
purpose is to share my ideas with the audience, inviting them to experience this culture through
dance, drum, song and choreography.

“I believe that the integration of each culture from around the world, without
discrimination, will contribute to the betterment of mankind.”

----Biboti Ouikahilo