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Bishop James E. Bolden III

Dr. James E. Bolden III was born in Houston, Texas.
Devoted to the gospel from a very young age, he answered
his call into ministry in 1981, while serving under the
leadership of Dr. C.A. McDonald, pastor of Maple Springs
Baptist Church in Camp Springs, Maryland. A man with a
strong and extensive military background of 24 years,
Dr. Bolden used these skills to train a predominately
young group of followers to live holy and make disciples for
Jesus Christ. Everywhere he has traveled he is known as a“Motivator”.
Bishop Bolden has taught Military Science courses at prestigious colleges such as; Grambling University, Louisiana Tech, and Notre Dame. He has an earned Doctorate of Divinity and certified by the National Association of Forensic Counselors as a board
certified addiction counselor.In 1995 Dr. Bolden and his family relocated by way of the U. S. Military to the city of
Jacksonville, Arkansas. With churches on every corner and storefront, Dr. Bolden and his wife Cynthia stepped out on faith and against all odds founded Evangelistic Ministries Church. Starting with bible studies in a recreation center conference room with only his family, the church has flourished with over 500 dedicated members. Now located in the heart of the city in an historical edifice, the church is making a positive impact in the community and the world. Dr. Bolden’s vision spans the globe; he has been a guest on TCT Total Christian Television, which aired in 27 countries. His strong motivation to save souls led to the
establishment of Evangelistic Ministries International Fellowship of Churches (EMIF) networking with other powerful men of God from South Africa to the Philippines, Dr Bolden has directly affected thousands of lives. Dr. Bolden and his wife Cynthia have hosted
the TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network in the Illinois area for several years. Dr. Bolden’s message of motivation is reaching millions of viewers and changing lives via the airways. Dr. Bolden is a pillar in the community. He serves on the Board of Directors of Jacksonville Water Works, He is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor for the State of Arkansas, he was elected by the city to provide representationon the Pulaski County Special School District Board of Education where presently serves as Vice President, he has made a tremendous impact. Fighting for better education, improved classroom environments, and Christian morality and values is his God-given platform. He is an active member of the Rotary Club and Little Rock Air Force Base Community Counsel he has served on Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Jacksonville Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, Advisory Board of a Community Bank, Dr. Bolden is commonly referred to as a “Spiritual Drill Sergeant”because of his boldness in praying during official gatherings and speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Walking strong in his five-fold ministry gifts, he is highly sought after to motivate church congregations, speak at special services, and preside at convocations, pray at the Arkansas House of Representives. Dr. Bolden is “full steam ahead” when it comes to Vision, Dr. Bolden is happily married to Dr. Cynthia E. Bolden formerly of Tyler, Texas and together they have four sons. The Bolden’s also have five grandchildren.