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Bishop the Nemesis

My earliest memory is when I was 7 years old. I remember telling my mother that I was going to be a rap musician when I grew up. She did what any mother would, she smiled and said “Son, you can do it.” She used to help me write my name – I always had trouble making my J’s and my H’s because I wrote them backwards. She told me that when I was born I had a bad case of the flu in the summertime. I almost died, but God, although I didn’t know Him at the time, saved me from this illness. I grew up in a home that had no lights at for least 8 months out of the year. We had to cook food in the fireplace and burn our clothing and shoes to keep warm in the winter. My mother was a severe alcoholic. It seemed like she’d rather drink than love my brothers, sisters and me. But she never let us miss a meal. If we fell asleep, she’d wake us up to eat even if it was one o’clock in the morning when the food was done being cooked.
Growing up, my family was very poor. The only heat source we had in the winter was this old broken down kerosene heater. Everyone would gather around the heater trying to keep warm until the last flicker of light would go out. Sometimes we had to take turns getting warm because there wasn’t enough room for everyone to fit around it. But during the times when the lights were on, we got warm from the heat of the stove.
When I was twelve my best friend shot me in my head. The funny thing is I knew I wasn’t going to die. My best friend dropped the gun and ran; even though my head was bleeding. I picked up that gun, ran behind him and shot him back. We both lived to tell about it. This is only because God saw our future even when we were too young and too blind to care to see it.
By the time I was 14 I already had a child (even though I was a baby myself). My girlfriend was 19. She lived with me because her mother kicked her out and my mother said and I quote “I can’t have my daughter-in-law living in these streets. Move in with John, he’ll take care of you.” So at the precious age of 14 I was not only taking care of my younger siblings, I was a full-time father as well. By the age of 15 I was a full¬-time thug and I hung with the drug dealers. I robbed, stole, broke into homes, and even robbed 2 very small banks in California. I was eighty-sixed (permanently kicked out) of 2 states… California and Nevada told me to never come back or I would go straight to prison. My heart was so cold by 15 until I didn’t believe I could even die. So I did stupid things because I had no fear of death. The first day I was in California, some stranger pulled an AK47 and pointed it in my face because I was wearing a blue shirt. He told me he was going to kill me if I didn’t take it off. It was then I felt my heart grow cold…
So, as you can see, my life has been anything but simple and easy. God has had His hand on me from birth. Yet I lived my whole life blind. I couldn’t see God even though He put eyes in front of my face. Until one day when I was 17 my life changed forever. I was a teacher at an elementary school. Yes, I was a nemesis but very smart. I had just got paid and I went to the mall to buy some new shoes and grab a bite to eat at Wendy’s. Before I could finish eating I felt so sick I couldn’t even stand on my own. I went home and got into bed under my mink cover. The one I would usually use only in the winter because it was so thick and heavy. I felt death on me and I had never prayed before in my life, but I found myself crying out to “GOD”, whoever He was, to save my life. I was afraid and I begged for “GOD” to save me. Ever since that moment, God showed up and my life hasn’t been the same since. GOD first reviled who He was, who His son (Jesus the Christ) is, and why He came personally to warn me for the last time…
God showed me my whole life from the time I was conceived until that very moment. He showed me how many times He spared my life, how many times He sent messengers to warn me to get my house in order and I refused to listen. He told me He came to send me to HELL. So I begged and pleaded, I told God I would do anything for another chance. So God told me to go and preach the Gospel of Jesus the Christ until His return. God said He wanted to show me why I must preach and pray daily. I saw a clear veil cross my face and even though my light was on in my room, everything went pitch black. What happened next still bring tears to my eyes even today. I saw evil spirits, packed from wall to wall. Living with me, dwelling with me, talking to me and I heard them instructing me, teaching me the ways to hell. Everything I had ever done wrong-every thought, every deed, I heard them telling me to do it and I listened. Each spirit had a different job, all with one mission – to destroy me before I met my GOD.
I ran into the front room where my mother was asleep on the couch and jumped into her lap screaming ‘pray for me’… That day GOD Himself met me on my dying bed and saved my soul. He put His Words into my soul and out my mouth those Words flowed like rivers of water. Every since that day I’ve seen what some people don’t even have nightmares about. At age19 I had a brain tumor and died, and after being dead for 3 minutes God once again showed up and resurrected my dead body. When I was 21 I was on the interstate going 65 mph when an 18 wheeler ran across the highway and hit me in a head on collision. The world said I should have died that day, but God said, ‘not even a scratch.’ So if you ask me why I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my answer will be because with Him I have life and without Him I’m already dead… Christ paid a dept He didn’t owe to cancel a dept we couldn’t pay. I know He’s THE savior because too many times He has saved me. I know He is THE healer because too many times He has healed me. God will deliver. I know because He has delivered me. Will God answer prayer? I am an answered prayer…

And this is only the beginning of my testimony…