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Blessed John

Blessed John is an illuminated musician. The piano is his Orpheus’s lyre. Nowadays, as if it was for the first time, he discovers the musical creations and the composers themselves: Gluck, Schubert, Beethoven… This music is revelation of mysteries of the sea power which is just beginning. The sea is a mysterious world concealed from an exterior sight. In the spiritual sense it belongs to another matter and to another world. According to legend many preceding perished civilizations have gone to the bottom of the sea.

Blessed John – whose name in the secular world was Veniamin Yakovlevich Bereslavsky – has obtained his fame as a musicologist, language expert, writer and professor of philosophy department of MSU (Moscow State University). However, having stupefied the people around him by his unexpected choice, he suddenly breaks off with his habitual lifestyle, being absorbed in divine mysticism and spirituality. Comprehending greatest mysteries of the Superior Wisdom, in his numerous works he answers the most complicated questions which are confronting the humanity in the XXIst century. This is what distinguishes him cardinally from traditional forms of ritual faith, which are ossified and out of actual.
Blessed John is the founder of a new spirituality. The spiritual principles of culture of the third millennium are inscribed in his works. Uniqueness of his philosophical works and peacemaker activity have put him into the number of outstanding thinkers of the present.