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Breakdown was formed in the autumn of 1977 and was made up of 4 friends, Constantin Stellakis, guitar and backing vocals, Greg Fergadiotis, vocals and guitar, Takis Makris, drums and vocals and George Archontakis, bass guitar. Influenced by the sounds of the late sixties, early seventies, they started appearing at various clubs in Athens, mainly in the historical Tiffanys Rock club in PLAKA, where they became the resident band for many years while at the same time often sharing appearances with other groups. Another well known club in Athens where Breakdown performed was the club LEDRA. They performed at many cinemas, (in those days, cinemas were very popular venues for rock concerts) through-out the city of Athens. 1979 Yannis Nikolakakis replaced George Archontakis on bass guitar.Their most successful concert was played at Christmas of 1979 with an audience of about 3500, at the SPORTING athletic stadium together with the bands VAVOURA BAND and AGAPANTHOS. 1980 In 1980, Kostas Petas replaced Yannis Nikolakakis on bass guitar. 1981 The band continues playing mostly at the rock club Tiffany's with a new talented drummer (17 years old) named Nick Stamou. 1982 1982 saw the group play in a Pan Hellenic rock contest organised by the famous KYTARO club in Athens. Breakdown was one of the most favoured groups of the contest. After 1982, the municipality of Athens banned all electric/electronic music in the wider PLAKA area. This was a blow against the rock scene in Athens, as this was a meeting place for anyone wanting to hear good live music. Up to then Breakdown was mainly a covers band. 1983 After 1983, Greg Fergadiotis and Constantin Stellakis concentrated on writing their own music while trying out many session musicians. They also started sending out demos to all major music companies. 1984 In 1984 the music company Polygram asked for 3 songs which they wanted to release overseas, but the band decided not to sign. 1985 The band signed with Music Box and released a maxi single called NIGHTRIDE comprising of 3 songs, I can’t understand, Telephone and Nightride. The same year an LP was released by Music box comprising of various Greek groups, one of which was BREAKDOWN. 1985 saw the group performing in many shows in and around Athens. 1986 In 1986 the structure of the band changed as Greg Fergadiotis took on the roll of bass player and lead vocalist, Constantin Stellakis backing vocals and guitar and Nikos Iliadis (Nicky Loud) on drums. 1987 After many gigs in the Athens area, and in the spring of 1987, they recorded 11 new songs at the MiniFarm Studios. 1988-1989 1988 was a relatively quiet year leading up to the sudden death of their drummer Nicky Loud. After this tragic event, the group decided to suspend all activities leaving behind 12 years of musical history. 2006 Reunion of the band. 2007 The band plays Live in Rodeo club and at Lazy club in Athens. 2009-2010 Release of the album ''Songs From the Early Years'' with 17 songs from the past. The band working on their new album(expected in Dezember 2013)