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Bruno Marshall

Bruno Marshall (Bruno Alves) was born in August 17, 1981 in Leiria, Portugal.
He started playing guitar with 14 years old, with Professor Nuno Vitorino and later with José Couceiro.

The first band he played was"Static" in 2001, (Eurico Moleirinho-Bass, Pedro-Drums, Telmo Duarte-Voice, Bruno Marshall-Guitar).
The band gave more than 80 live gigs, but in 2003 the band dismiss, giving place to the band "Intense"
(Eurico Moleirinho-Bass, Pedro-Drums, Jocelina-Voice, Bruno Marshall-Guitar, Alex-Guitar)

In 2004 Bruno Marshall join the band "Insight"
(Borgir-Bass, Gil-Drums, Pida-Voice, Rui-Guitar, Bruno Marshall-Guitar, Gustavo Reis-Keyboard).

After two years Bruno Marshall enter in the band "Echoes Of The Fallen Messiah"
(Eurico Silva-Vocals, Gustavo Reis-Keyboards, Peter Slaughter-Bass,
Hugo Pinheiro-Drums, Alexandre Guitar, Bruno Marshall Guitar).

In the past Echoes of the Fallen Messiah shared the stage with bands like Susperia (Norway)
Impirius Malevolence (Brazil), Hanzel und Gretyl (USA), Theriomorphic (IE), Sirius (EN)
Sacred Sin (PT), Demon Dagger (PT), Divine Lust (PT), Opus Draconis (PT), The Spektrum (PT)
Among many others.
The band Achieved 2nd place in the first edition of the Iberian Arena Metal band contest
in witch participated over 50 bands from Portugal and Spain.

In 2007 Bruno Marshall accepted an invitation to join the band "Fried Chicken & Gasoline"
(Pedro Brandão-vocals, Marco-drums, Filipe-guitar, Peter Slaughter-Bass, Bruno Marshall-Guitar)

Already in 2008, They entered in studio to record the album Entitled "Coming From Nowhere"
with the production of Marco Jung, producer of bands like Ianasonic, Dapunksportif and Audible Architecture.
In the history of the band, there is a:
1st place in the Festival of bands promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Youth (2006), in Leiria,
2nd place in the Rock on the Beach (2008), in Esposende.
"Barosa Rock Fest"
The show at Eamonn Dorans bar in Dublin, promoted by Dublin Underground
.. And a lot of gigs.

In 2010, Bruno Marshall leave the bands to move to Germany.

In 07-2011 Bruno Marshall recorded his first solo album called “Beginning”.
Release the Single in 12-2011.
Recorded his second solo album “Trangression”.

In October 2012, Bruno Marshall join the band "Bioroid"

Currently Bruno Marshall is focused on his solo project "Bruno Marshall” and/also in the band "Bioroid".