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Bruno Santos

Who is Bruno Santos?
Bruno Santos is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, recording engineer and producer. The combination of a lifelong passion and extensive experience in all of these areas recently led him to coalesce his skills in the creation of his debut solo album. The album was entirely written, performed and engineered by Bruno alone, resulting in a deeply personal voyage into his lyrical and musical compositions as well as showcasing his skills as a singer, guitarist, bassist, percussionist, drummer and sound engineer.

What is his background?
Bruno began to study music with his violinist mother almost immediately out of the cradle and later with diverse musicians around the world. Additionally, he spent time studying music in Los Angeles and sound engineering in London at university level. Although Bruno is originally from Brazil, his entire life from childhood until the present day has been characterized by constant international relocation. This was initially a consequence of his parent’s careers and continued into his life as a student and young adult. Traveling began at the age of one and by the age of 20, with an average of two years per country, he had resided on every continent with the obvious exception of Antarctica (although as a side note, Bruno hopes to start a band with penguins one day).

Why record an album alone?
While Bruno developed his passion for music, the nature of his nomadic lifestyle made it difficult to rehearse and record a steady band. He thus began to acquire the individual skills that would be required to fulfill the dream of recording his own music. Rather than spending money to rent existing recoding studios, he invested into the recording equipment that would be necessary to set up his own studio and produce the album on his own. This allowed Bruno the time to polish his ideas without the pressure of expensive rental hours ticking away. After all, he never had the luxury of a full band rehearsal and consequently, the process took much longer than most ordinary band recordings take in the studio.

How will Bruno perform live if he played alone on the album?
Bruno has many musician friends to call upon once he is ready to hit the road and start performing his music to audiences around the world. He has also established himself as a solo acoustic performer and incorporates many live loops into his playing to distinguish the music.

When will the album be released and when will Bruno perform again?
Bruno’s debut solo album is scheduled to be released in 2011 and new concert dates will be announced in the coming months to promote the new release.

Where will Bruno’s new album be available?
All music and news from Bruno Santos will be available on this official website and he can also be connected with on Facebook and MySpace. Downloads will eventually become available on third party websites as well such as iTunes.