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Bryan $. Harris

Bryan $. Harris is a world renown MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER!
After dropping out of college at the age of 21, he was determined to MAKE SOMETHING OF HIMSELF.
Remembering the values embedded into him by his parents, while using his intrinsic motivation, along with his GOD given birth right to THINK, by the young age of 26 Bryan had become a MULTI MILLIONAIRE, thru VARIOUS INVESTMENTS ranging from REAL ESTATE, STOCKS, AND VARIOUS TYPES OF BUSINESSES.

After realizing many of his desires and dreams, he became aware that the world was bigger than just him, he knew that his GREATNESS WOULD NOT be found in what he did for himself, BUT what he did for others. This is when he began to give back by educating family, friends, and others on how to live your dreams.
In his audio messages you will soon find that Bryan $. Harris delivers a HIGH ENERGY, INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE THAT INSPIRES you to not only "WAKE UP, SLAP YOURSELF, and PUT YOUR TEETH IN" but to go out and LIVE YOUR GREATNESS.

Once you get a dose of BRYAN $. HARRIS, every fiber of your being will be connected to him, yearning for more.
So get ready to fasten your mental, spiritual, and psychological seat belt, BECAUSE BRYAN $. HARRIS is about to take you on a RIDE TO GREATNESS AND BEYOND!