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Bubbly Vee

RHYTHMIC CONCEPTS FOR EARLY LEARNERS VOLUME 1 is a collection of 15 original, entertaining, and educational songs for children ages 3-5. Children who are younger and older can enjoy listening to the songs, too. These songs are designed to take your child on a fun-filled journey to mastering concepts in math, literacy, science, and much, much more. Specifically, they will learn numbers, shapes, colors, letters, phonics, as well as environmental sounds and lots more.

RHYTHMIC CONCEPTS FOR EARLY LEARNERS VOLUME 1 offers a variety of rhythmic concepts and genres. It is guaranteed that children and adults alike will set aside time to listen to it again and again and again. Bubbly Vee’s soothing, entertaining and soulful voice will get all listeners to laugh, dance, sing and move to the rhythms. Parents, families, and teachers will share in the enjoyment of this CD when added to their repertoire of music. This is a CD that offers many opportunities for sharing special moments to remember in your home, in the classroom, or while traveling from one destination to another.

Bubbly Vee (Vivian E. Brown) is no stranger to preschool and early childhood education. She has provided support through modeling lessons, singing, and offering staff development to teachers and family members of preschool and kindergarten for many years. Her songs have been tested in various homes, classrooms, and daycare centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and other locations. She uses her talents to change her voice to create characters that children will never grow tired of listening to. Further, she has been a singer and performer throughout her life in various venues.

Bubbly Vee is responsible for all the lyrics to the songs present on RHYTHMIC CONCEPTS FOR EARLY LEARNERS VOLUME 1. Her training and experience in the field of music combined with her knowledge of curriculums for preschool and early childhood makes her a valuable resource for families and educators.

Sneak Preview:
Song #
1 I See Shapes – Children learn to connect shapes with their environment (catchy tune, circle time, anywhere). Watch out! You will catch yourself singing the song at work, in the classroom, in your car, or in the kitchen.

2 Nat the Cat – Children learn about words that rhyme –at family (silly, funny; circle time, small group, easy listening).

3 Feelings – Children learn about their feelings and strategies for dealing with them (dance to the beat, circle time).

4 The Weather Today – Children learn about weather conditions (circle time).

5 Sing the Alphabet – An original version to learning the letters of the alphabet. Children will learn a different way to keep from confusing letters l, m, and n. Children get to show off their beautiful voices without my voice, too.

6 Letters, Pictures, & Sounds – Children learn phonics (Rock & Roll sound) with keywords.

7 The Number Song - Children learn to count from 1-10 in a fun way. Rhyming words are part of the concepts incorporated in the lyrics.

8 Community Workers - Children will attempt to snap their fingers as they learn about people who help them in their community. This song will get the children and adults swaying from side to side.

9 Little Bird – Introduce the children to parts of a bird with this enjoyable tune. A fun, entertaining way to spark the children’s interest in science.

10 Friends – Sing-along and interactive song for encouraging children to socialize with one another. It addresses why friends are important to have. Who is your friend that you would like to sing about? (social/emotional)

11 Grandma’s Farm – A character that is close and dear to Bubbly Vee’s heart. The children will love the different animals and vowels sounds introduced in a unique and entertaining way. Teachers and families will want to visit a farm real soon after listening to this tune. This song proved to be a favorite among many, both children and adults, during my field test.

12 Learning Colors – Interactive song with a Latino flavor to the rhythm. The children listen to objects and identify their color. The music gets everyone excited about learning colors while listening and moving to the beat.

13 Listen to the Sounds – Children listen to sounds and identify them. Another favorite of listeners (A fun song for all occasions).

14 Shapes, Shapes – Different types of shapes (cool music)

15 Words Called Opposites – Children love moving to this song. They interact with it and respond to prompts. (Another favorite indicated)

BONUS: Included in the jewel case of the CD for immediate access is a 16 page booklet filled with lyrics and activities for each song.