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Buddy Mullin

Buddy Mullin was brought up in southeast Texas. Buddy grew up listening to Cajun, bluegrass, gospel, southern rock, and country. He was raised in a Christian home and that faith runs deep to this day.
Buddy’s love of music started as a child when he would sing along with his church congregation every Sunday. His family realizing he has a musical gift encouraged him to continue performing throughout his high school days. This allowed him to begin to polish his skill as an incredible stage performer.
Buddy writes his own original music and lyrics. He is a very talented songwriter. In addition to singing, writing, and performing he is also proficient with the guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and mandolin.
“There were so many great artists on the radio as I was growing up, and I loved the variety that was presented. That has given me an appreciation of the many sub-genres that get grouped together in this thing we call country music.”
“Throughout the years I’ve always stayed true to myself-the downhome country boy that I am! I owe the breadth of my repertoire to the many genres represented by musical heroes, like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Thorogood, David Allan Coe, Hank Williams, Jr. and Toby Keith.
I love the art of performing and it brings me great joy to entertain an audience. Our sincere hope is that our music put joy in the hearts of our audience and our fans.”
Buddy Mullin is an electrifying presence on stage. He pulls you into the fun, entertaining everyone from the front row to the furthest corner, making you feel a part of the show and not just another face in the crowd.
Buddy connects with his fans and creates an experience unlike most. Watching him perform, you can tell he loves what he is doing. His songs come from the heart and he puts everything into his performance. A true musical entertainer, he isn’t truly happy unless everyone is having a good time! Book this performer and be prepared for everyone to have fun!

Just a down home country boy ? Definitely…..but certainly a whole lot more!