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“’Dis world is no joke/I’m tryin’a live to be an old folk /I remember lines a coco/Close yo’ eyes, little JoJo”—Candidt


As the title of his album "Sweatsuit & Churchshoes" suggests, Seattle rapper Candidt straddled two diametrically opposed worlds growing up: that of the hustler and that of the church. “I lived with my mom, and early on I witnessed the whole pimps, hoes, and hustler world,” he said. “Then, later on, my two sisters, brother, and myself were taken away to live with my grandparents. My grandmother was a minister, so that household was totally opposite of my mother’s.

“I don’t look at my upbringing as negative or positive—it’s just me,” continued the MC born Joe Page. “If anything, it was good for me to experience both ends of the spectrum. That’s the way my world turns.”

Of course, Candidt’s world also turns on hip-hop. On Sweatsuit & Churchshoes, available Aug. 17, Candidt embraces the streets and religion as important parts of his background. But he doesn’t traffic in a nihilistic celebration of the criminal life anymore than he delivers sermons from the pulpit. Rather, he explores both with a mature, critical eye. The fact that Candidt’s delivery and lyrical style—a combination of intricate cadences and inventive word-play—are so unique only makes the mix that much more potent.

Candidt calls his modus operandi “Bangalang”—a neologism masquerading as onomatopoeia. Or, put another way: a fresh, funky style straight from the soul. Guest appearances on the disc include: Grayskul’s JFK and Onry Ozzborn; popular Seattle lyricists Macklemore and Xperience; and Candidt’s younger brother, Brotha Brown. Production comes courtesy of renowned beat-makers Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh, Smoke of Oldominion, Tay Sean of Cloud Nice, and others.

In addition to his four previous full-length releases (including Dookiebraid Soul and Quiet as Kept) and appearing on songs with numerous acts (including Northwest collective Oldominion, DMS, Grayskul & State of the artist), Candidt is the founder of the beloved live showcase “The Corner” and of Dionices Entertainment. Candidt is an artist with the type of music to both party and parlay too. Sit back relax and enjoy the vibe!